Si Penipu (Frendy Horas) Mau Menipu Lebak Bulus

More bad news from Rumah Bahasa. It simply never stops. A couple of months ago two of their schools closed just weeks after they opened. Frendy Horas, the Chinese-Indonesian owner, negotiated a deal with the mall owners, closed down both schools and promised to refund all his customers. Some customers got refunds who had been waiting since November 2013. It seemed at that point that Frendy Horas’s Rumah Bahaya (Rumah Bahasa) had finally run out of steam; its rapid expansion across Jakarta had finally come to a halt. He was going to take the bulk of his ill-gotten gains and run. Sadly, this view now looks far too optimistic. Rumah Bahasa and Frendy Horas are still planning further trickery (penipuan) on the people of Jakarta. His reign of fraud, lies, unpaid wages and refusals to refund courses that never started is still going strong. One wonders where DIKNAS is. Why isn’t DIKNAS protecting consumers? I thought they cared about education in Indonesia.

We are in contact with people who have been waiting for refunds since February 2014. Three months wait for a simple refund! And this is for a course which never happened! Frendy’s promises to refund courses are meaningless. A typical con-man, like Luke Preece from TBI, Pak Horas makes worthless promises and then does whatever he feels like. He has promised many customers that he will issue refunds in June 2014. Four months wait for a simple refund! But at the same time, evidence is mounting that this alleged scammer, Frendy Horas, is planning more chicanery in a new part of Jakarta: Lebak Bulus.

In recent weeks, Lebak Bulus (near Cilandak) has been receiving the attentions of this TEFL swindler. Lebak Bulus is currently strung with banners (spanduk Rumah Bahasa) announcing the opening of a new school in the suburb. Yay! Rumah Bullshit is coming to your neighborhood! It appears that is yet again going to open a Rumah Bahasa in a hypermart. This is completely unacceptable. He has lied to former customers and made them wait months on end for a refund while he spends their money on banners and other promotional materials. It is very sad that DIKNAS does not bring him into line, but it is certainly not surprising.

For the people of Lebak Bulus, stay clear of Rumah Bahasa. Rumah Bahasa sudah banyak korban. Frendy is a con-man (penipu) who has earned the wrath of educators and customers all across Jakarta.

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