UIC Design School- A Truly Unremarkable Experiences!

You might remember UIC Design School, the pet project of the kids of Ning Anhar- the corrupt and nepotistic former USG Director. In 2011 she was so busy diverting TBI funds to UIC Design School (run by her own daughter) that TBI students were denied new furniture or even paint in dirty classrooms! It was made known to TBI managers not to ask for funds for maintenance, because Anhar, like many a KPK suspect, was sucking up all the money to set up her own children’s future.

We decided to check how UIC Design School is going these days, and you will not be surprised to learn that this half-baked project is not doing well. (More on this in the coming days). But our favorite part of their terrible website is this memorable slogan: “UIC Design School Offers a Truly Unremarkable Experiences!” I mean how stupid does this make them look? Not only don’t they know that “a” goes with a single subject (they mean ‘a truly remarkable experience’) but with typical USG-TBI incompetence, they have mistaken the work remarkable for unremarkable. Their laziness and hilarious incompetence still shows no signs of improving.

We had a look in a thesaurus for synonyms of “unremarkable” and here is the very telling list of words we came up with:

humdrum                          undistinguished                   run-of-the-mill                    formulaic                   uninteresting

mediocre                          unexceptional                       commonplace                    garden-variety             dull

You now know what to expect of a UIC course. Sounds just right to us.


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