TBI Medan: Off the Radar Since 2012

If you asked the authorities at TBI, they would accuse us of engaging in a “vendetta” or “damaging the TBI name”. In fact, as we argued when we worked for them, they were damaging their own name every day with their laziness, broken promises and sloppy service. We told them again and again, “It isn’t enough to call yourself premium and then deliver poor service. You have to be serious about living up to your promises.” This, in the twisted view of the TBI narcissists, was enough to have you labelled as a “trouble maker”. They were simply unable to take criticism from inside or outside the company, dismissing it all with arrogant complacency. They were always right, and anyone who said different was regarded as “the enemy within”. The only people who lasted- Scott Martin and Atika, for example- learned to stroke the Head Office egos and make excuses when the so-called managers kept failing to reach every goal and target.

Yet the rot has only got worse with time. They haven’t opened a new branch in years, despite frequent boasting that TBI Bali and TBI Palembang were on the way, and two branches, TBI Semarang and TBI Cengkareng, have gone bankrupt. Many of their remaining franchise schools are merely shells: we call them “zombie schools”. There is no growth, no promotions, nothing happening, but they merely stumble along like the Walking Dead, going from one year to the next in a dreary, comatose state. One of the worst of the zombie schools is TBI Medan. This one has not updated its webpage for 22 months running. Pathetically and embarrassingly, they still have events from early 2012 on their “News and Events” board. It is now March 2014, but they still have latest events from April and May 2012 advertised. The management of TBI and this franchise school are so lazy that no one has updated their website for the last 680 days. Here is their 22-month old “news update”, still up on their webpage.


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