Rumah Bahasa: “Two Months to Process Refunds”

Until now we have focused on a single branch of Rumah Bahasa, the one in Kelapa Gading, as this one we received insider information about. But in recent days it has become increasingly clear that the Horas family is involved at other branches too. It has also become clear that these schools are all the same: dishonest practices seem widely spread in the whole Rumah Bahasa chain.

One customer has complained that a course has not opened from November 2013 until now. Three months ago and the promised class still hasn’t opened. Surely any respectful business which does not open a promised class for 3 months owes the customer a big apology and an immediate apology. But not Rumah Bahasa. They have had the nerve to tell customers that they require, “Two months to process refund requests.” Two month to “process” a refund request? Who do they think they are- a government department? This is an outrageously bad example of customer service and sounds fraudulent. They clearly do not want to part with any money at all. Perhaps the have serious financial problems. Perhaps they are just crooks. Either way, customers and teachers need to stay away from this dreadful school.

2 thoughts on “Rumah Bahasa: “Two Months to Process Refunds”

  1. Refund are unlikely to be made as Frendy Horas made sure that in the contract there is mention that no refund can be asked.
    This guy is a liar and having worked there from the day it opened, and been deceived I can tell you this, he deserves to go to jail.

  2. I regretted to say that Rumah Bahasa is the greatest liar.Not just Frendy Horas, but also the manager,namely Faruk of Rumah Bahasa Bintaro. He was the one who promised refund in 2 months.When the due day came and still no refund, he changed his attitude. He even had the nerved to say that He did not care if I or other member got angry, cursed, told the police, etc etc because he only acted as messenger for his boss. Frendy promised to call me again concerning the refund on May 15 and guess what he did not call. This is House of Crook..or Rumah Penipu.

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