Facebook Campaign Against Rumah Bahasa

More and more angry customers are coming forward and telling us that they were lied to and ripped off by Rumah Bahsa. We have heard that some have started to press Lotte Mart Mall (where the schools are located) for justice. With some customers ripped off by as much as 6 million rupiah for courses which never started, Rumah Bahasa now looks increasingly like a complete and total sham. People are rightly asking Lotte Mart ( a Korean grocery store chain) to intervene. If Lotte Mart are wise, they will not want to be associated with this disreputable school. We recommend customers with serious complaints to direct them to Lotte Mart, as the mall has been more polite and conciliatory than Rumah Bahasa itself. It remains to be seen, however, if the money of cheated customers will be returned.

In addition, some angry customers have started Facebook campaigns against Rumah Bahasa. They have been sending links to articles on this blog to alert people of the dangers Rumah Bahasa poses. There is now a fair number of customers who report that courses they paid for never started, and Rumah Bahasa has refused to refund the money. Clearly, this is unacceptable and Rumah Bahasa needs to be avoided at all branches. Below is a photo from their misleading advertising material.


2 thoughts on “Facebook Campaign Against Rumah Bahasa

    • Some previous users have sent links to this blog to all their friends in Facebook. This blog is currently receiving over 1500 visits per week, many of them directed here from Facebook pages of Rumah Bahasa customers. Just send links to Facebook friends so they can read the articles here.

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