Rumah Bahasa Bintaro ‘Mencuri’ Pembayaran Pembeli: Peringatan Keras

We have now been approached by a customer from Rumah Bahasa Bintaro who has claimed that Rumah Bahasa Bintaro is also an unethical business. Kami sudah mendengar tuntutan dari pembeli Rumah Bahasa Bintaro bahwa sekolah ini tidak bermoral dan jujur.

The customer paid money for a course in early January and was told it was about to open. But now 6 weeks later, the course has still not opened. The school has made many excuses about why they cannot refund the money, but these excuses make little sense. Rumah Bahasa Bintaro sudah banyak janji palsu. Sekolah tersebut ambil uang dari seorang siswa dan janji akan buka kelas baru. Tetapi 6 minggu sudah lewat dan sekolah tersebut masih belum buka. Rumah Bahasa juga menolak untuk mengembalikan uang kursus yang sampai beberapa juta meskipun kelasnya tidak ada. 

Many staff, teachers and customers have complained that Rumah Bahasa is a dishonest business. Banyak karyawan, guru dan murid sudah ditipu oleh Rumah Bahasa. Banyak orang bilang Pak Frendy Horas yang pemilik sekolah ini adalah pembohong lidah manis yang pintar menipu orang.

Rumah Bahasa should be called Rumah Bohong. Rumah Bahasa sebenarnya bernama Rumah Bohong. Do not trust Rumah Bahasa. Rumah Bahasa is a dishonest business. Here is what one recent customer said:

I wish I had read your post before enrolling my daughter. I have enlisted her to RB Lotte Bintaro last January 2014 and have not heard any news on when the classes will begin ever since.

It’s a bit odd that Lotte continues to make agreements with RB if such scams have occured on several occasions.

Any suggestions on how to handle this problem? Has anyone have the same problem as I have with RB Lotte Bintaro?

5 thoughts on “Rumah Bahasa Bintaro ‘Mencuri’ Pembayaran Pembeli: Peringatan Keras

  1. Choices are:
    Reporting authority? Kemendiknas? Police?
    Reporting to YLKI?
    Inform about this scam mouth to mouth? Via bb or whatsapp group?

  2. I am a new customer on kelapa gading… Reading this also make me lose my confidence about rumah bahasa… Is this really true? I am learning three different languages until this day so the concept is quite intriguing for me… Good thing that i split the payment agreement for only 4 months each.. They are no statement on the agreement that i have to pay the rest 4 months of 8 months total… I believe most customer would pay for around 1 year agreement…

  3. Same. Me too the boss only say still processing. He say open in season city n greenbay but nothing until now. My money not returned yet for 1 year membership. Who had same like me for this case. Please give the number. Together maybe we solve it. Its really wasting my time.

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