“MentalNutJobs…Hahahaha” Works at Jakarta Japanese School


In recent weeks many of the former TBI victims have got a little tired of the ad hominem attacks on TBI Bekasi witnesses. One especially pesky individual decided to make allegations that D****, a former TBI Bekasi teacher, could not be believed because she had been asked to leave EF Gunung Sahari. Once we looked into it, we learned that the manager- a close friend and drinking buddy of Luke Preece- had indeed forced that teacher out but it was done so he could make a place for his own friend at the school. Tellingly, the new teacher arrived the very day she was forced out and EF suspiciously agreed to write D**** a reference for her time there despite the fact she’d been asked to leave. This was partly due to the controversy and anger her removal had caused. 5 out of 6 teachers had backed her up that the allegations against her were baseless but the manager, Luke’s mate, forced her out anyway. They had tried to mollify her, concerned at the appearance of cronyism the whole episode had created,

The odd turn is that a few weeks ago someone calling himself “MentalNutJobs” started spouting all this insider information about EF Gunung Sahari. It raised a lot of questions. Who was this troll who was so determined to discredit D****? How had this confidential information from EF Gunung Sahari been leaked? Who was so determined to undermine the TBI Bekasi witnesses that he would seek out this information? The fact that it was revealed Luke Preece was a friend of this teacher provided a missing link. Luke had got dirt through his nefarious networks and started smearing it in order to discredit Binsar critics. But he wasn’t the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece was some enraged individual who has been viewing our website dozens and dozens of times a day over recent months. Finally, we decided to track down his ISP number (using the valued services of one of our supporters). Thanks very much. His work on the the ISP has been most illuminating. We can now tell you that the GSP data and ISP number places this individual at the the Jakarta Japanese School in Tangerang.

We have yet to name this individual but we now know who he is. I would be interested to hear his side of the story to explain his actions in disparaging this website and even former TBI Bekasi teachers he has never met. This whole sorry gets curious and curiouser. More soon on the tracking information and the Jakarta Japanese School server.

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