TBI Mafia Debating Skills? Bottom of the Pyramid, Fellas


The TBI Mafia went very quiet for a few months there. Through the middle part of 2013, we were blissfully unbothered with anonymous people people calling themselves things like “You Are Completely Nuts” and posting hateful rants that had zero factual content. But the truce is now over. They have been very active in recent weeks, sending loads of noisy disagreement to this blog. By this point it is stating the obvious to say that their debating skills are very, very poor but to make it easier to deal with them going forward, let’s look at Graham’s Pyramid of Agreement (see how I didn’t steal credit for it, Platts?) and you will see that TBI’s so-called “attempts to engage” have almost always focused on the lowest two rungs of the pyramid. In other words, they are completely ignoring the substance of the argument (because they are guilty as charged and don’t have any real arguments to make in their defense) and just focusing on the lowest levels- “name-calling” (the pink zone) and “ad hominem” attacks, which involve criticizing the person and ignoring their arguments completely.

Their non-response to the shocking allegations that Binsar assaulted a former female expat teacher and also requested her assistance in performing a mob-style hit is completely typical. All they have done is sink down to the “pink level” (name-calling), calling her “psychotic” (one wonders if they know what this serious mental condition even means from the inappropriate way they use it). Wherever TBI is discussed (for example, on Dave’s ESL cafe) you will find a suspiciously large amount of heckling and name-calling. They don’t debate; they bully. Here is a recent example of their “pink zone” name-calling:

         It’s no wonder such a talentless, unstable, repetitive, lickspittle such as yourself did so well for so long in this cesspit!!

Their best efforts at engagement reach a fraction higher, moving into the second-lowest level. Here they claim (erroneously) that the former teacher D**** was banned from EF. This is not true (more on this in coming days) and we will explore Luke Preece’s friendship with a former EF manager in particular. But in attacking her record at EF, the TBI Mafia are showing themselves to be at a very low level of debating skills. They are running ad hominem attacks on D**** that completely fail to address the crucial allegations raised by her testimony.  They are attacking the woman rather than her arguments- turning everything personal and addressing none of the important issues.

The rock-bottom level of their comments and arguments is a reflection of how morally and intellectually bankrupt TBI management now are. With nothing solid to put forward, they heckle, jeer, bully and name-call, and they think this how professionals behave!

11 thoughts on “TBI Mafia Debating Skills? Bottom of the Pyramid, Fellas

  1. Let’s get this clear. We now have 5 former TBI Bekasi teachers who claim Binsar cheated and lied to them or even worse- we also have two former teachers who saw the bruises on the woman Binsar man handled- and Hype is coming forward to help out the abuser- an alleged child molester no less. Have you no shame in defending Binsar? Honestly, you want to defend this sleazy gangster? Wow.

    Also note the blatantly obvious ad hominem, off topic comments. Why are they focusing on one teacher out of 5 based on her record at EF? Are you not aware that this irrelevant argument is so dumb it inspires contempt, Hype? Also, are you still claiming that the other 4 teachers who came forward are “imaginary”? Be careful. You might contradict yourself here. Don’t get your story mixed up again.

    A prediction. The tiresome TBI Mafia will refuse to even mention the other teachers because that guy with the pastor isn’t so easy to run down, is he? The IT wiz isn’t an easy target. So let’s ignore them and bash the woman… Luke and Binsar- two sociopaths helping each other out….

  2. Hype, over the past few days in many comments (most of them unpublished due to name-calling and other abuse) you have responded to shocking allegations that Binsar threatened to kill a former teacher (and offered to pay cash to get the job done) with an irrelevant ad hominem attack on the witness. As we have shown, this kind of thing is a kind diversionary tactic which does not address the major issues.

    Just think. Why would someone attack the credibility of a witness who has just claimed that Binsar discussed getting a teacher killed by a contract killer? It’s a no brainer. That person is trying to help out and protect the accused.

    But why would Luke have a motive to defend Binsar when he is accused of interfering with underage girls and discussing contract killings? Well, Luke Preece was Binsar’s supervisor as Head of Franchise for two years. 2011-2012. Not one former TBI Bekasi teacher was EVER contacted by Luke to ask them how they were going.Not one. This is at best grossly negligent. But when you realize that Head Office had been contacted about Binsar and knew what was going on, it looks even worse, doesn’t it?

    It looks like Luke deliberately didn’t want to know, because he didn’t want any of the mud to stick to him. Not 1 TBI Bekasi tecaher contacted in 2 years. Doesn’t look good, does it? There are either two possible interpretations:

    1) Luke was a lazy, negligent supervisor who didn’t care less and didn’t do his job for 2 whole years.

    2) Luke knew Binsar was screwing people over, and he knew if he spoke to teachers, he would hear the truth and some of the responsibility would fall on him. So he just left them at the mercy of Binsar and didn’t intervene to protect the teachers or the young girls in Binsar’s phone.

    Wow. What sort of person would be that selfish and irresponsible? No wonder Luke’s in a cold sweat about these allegations.

  3. Personally, I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the so called TBI bekasi victims. There are millions and millions of people on this planet going through much worse on a daily basis.

    • Oh, I can well believe you “don’t give a rat’s ass about the TBI bekasi victims”. That much has been blatantly obvious. But one wonders what your “threshold” is before you do take suffering seriously.

      Do you feel any sympathy for the student assistant who quit saying to a former teacher that Binsar was “a disgusting pervert” when asked why she left? Is that not serious enough for you?

      How about D*** who was bruised by Binsar and who was so terrified by his discussion of getting people to perform “hits” on her colleagues that she left the school that very day? No, “hype”, you’ve already made clear that you’re okay with bruising women and feel no sympathy there- you actually have turned on the victim, trying to discredit her by referring to the fact that Luke Preece’s mate (a former Gunung Sahari manager) didn’t like her. The agenda is blatantly obvious here.

      But how about the former TBI Bekasi teacher who was 18 million rupiah out of pocket because Binsar lied that he would sort out a work visa and then reneged on the promise, leaving the poor teacher to pay a massive fine to the Indonesian government? That isn’t deserving of compassion either?

      Gee, you seem like a nice guy. What exactly is your threshold for “seriousness” here? Are you actually saying that because “millions of people on the planet go through worse” on a daily basis that TBI is allowed to screw people? Is your argument actually that because Rwanda and Darfur exist, Binsar’s criminal activities don’t matter?

      Your argument just sounds really deranged, frankly.

  4. “Your argument just sounds really deranged, frankly.”

    Take a day or two out to read your two blog websites that you’ve been writing for the last two years for a true definition of deranged.

    You yourself couldn’t give a toss about these people but you’ve found some puppets to help you with your long running vendetta.

    Also, if they’d ever worked for you they’d now hate you as much as we do.

    • Your comments are mostly name-calling and ad hominem character attacks as normal (you have viewed this blog now more than 30 times in a single day, “hype”- what’s up with that?) but at least you mentioned the TBI Bekasi victims this time. Note the use of plural nouns like “people” and “they” in Hype’s response. Now this TBI insider admits (once more) that there are many, many people at TBI Bekasi with real grievances. That’s progress!

      As for your allegations that these people are my “puppets”, that is pure bunkum. As the interview made clear, she was interviewed by someone within Indonesia at Pizza Hut. Not me. Not us. Far from being my puppet, I have never met D****. She’s in Indonesia and I haven’t been back since we left in 2012. This interview was organized by former TBI Bekasi victims who have their own very real reasons for wanting justice and a voice.

      My relations with the numerous former Binsar victims have been based on cooperation, respect and mutual self-interest. We have all been wronged and mistreated by the powers that be at TBI and all have our own reasons for speaking out against TBI and its illegal practices. The mistake TBI has made is to let Preece and Simorangkir screw so many people and then imagine that the truth will never get out. It was a gamble which badly misfired.

  5. So easy to get a reaction on this blog! All you have to do is bait you and you take it every time. And who cares about these so-called Bekasi victims? The TBI Bekasi victims have suffered worse than Holocaust victims! Get a grip you tossers.

    • Ex TBI Bekasi victims also no longer give a shit about TBI and were over it as soon as they left. You can’t actually see the point yet can you? You dumb fuck.

      The point is, it was because of the actions of people like Luke, and now his goon squad spamming the comments section, that the teachers suffered. It wasn’t one man, it was all the fuckers in high positions in TBI that were responsible. The point here is not to give pity to the Ex TBI teachers, but to raise awareness of the sort of people in the disgusting, corrupt, human-rights abusing, child molesting, slave-driving business that is TBI. The stories released are meant to give further proof on TBI’s activities, not gain pity for the people giving evidence against them.

      You absolute dumb shit. Have i spelled it out enough for you now? This is about those who are still in TBI playing their games and getting away with it, and this blog is about letting people know the facts of those activities. Focus, you might learn something. It’s not about those who were on the receiving end of the mafias disgusting ways, It’s about exposing the mafia themselves using facts and witnesses. Paham?

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