TBI Bekasi Victims Not Real: TBI Mafia Spokesman

There’s no way this ‘Binsar victim’ is genuine. Any balanced human being would read your blog for 5 minutes and realise what looneys you are. This is a made up character – no doubt. If he read [ name of blog deleted ] he wouldn’t be calling people disinformation clowns.

We received the following comments today in our inbox. They are now claiming that the multiple Bekasi informants that we have are fake. Look at the way they refer to ‘Bekasi victim’ in commas, as if there is something questionable or doubtful about them. But you see this is what these people have been doing for years. They are now doing to the TBI Bekasi victims what they have done to us. Anyone who is brave enough to stand up to the crooks, con-man, degree-fakers and exploitative managers who run TBI are called crazy. As the said Bekasi victim made clear to me, it is the rival blog’s which comes across as obsessed with bodily functions and other juvenile nonsense. They are cyber bullies ganging up on anyone who reveals the truth about their sick, corrupt clique.

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