50 Shades of Grey With TBI (Part 1)

Teacher Applicant Black/Grey list : As of 14 May 2009


Ref No. Name Nationality Age/gender Black list Grey list  
01 A***ta Indonesia F
02 A***n, Ross Australian M
03 B****t, C*****s Alfred Australian 1943
04 B*****z, Simon Australian/British M
05 B****, Mark UK M
06 C*****, Roger M
07 C*****a S****** Wiedaninggar Indonesia
08 Curtis, H**** British M
10 D*****, David UK M
11 Davis, J***** American M
12 Dev***************** Indonesia F
13 Diana B****** Indonesia F
14 Dickey, T*****(Ted) USA 40
15 H*****, Ian Australian M
16 Henrietta Hartono Indonesia F
17 H****s, Matthew (Matt) UK 10 J**** 77
18 H********i Indonesia F
19 H****s, Lee Canadian M

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