Luke Preece: “Pemilik TBI Bogor Adalah Orang Mafia”

Tonight we take a break from TBI Cibubur to share another one of Luke Preece’s bombshell comments about TBI franchise owners. On several occasions he mentioned to either Cam or myself that the owner of TBI Bogor was heavily involved in organized crime. Preece, a 38 year old South Australian who is using forged documents to be in Indonesia, said that many of the franchise owners were dodgy, and he thought that many of them were under-reporting student numbers so as to avoid royalty payments, but he alleged that the owner of TBI Bogor was in a league of his own: the TBI Bogor owner was pure Mafia. 

We have no way of judging whether these comments have any substance whatsoever. Luke Preece also slandered the manager of TBI Malang by alleging (with no proof) that he had masterminded a break-in at his own school. No one we have ever met has believed it. So Luke has a track record of extreme defamation (whereas all of our allegations are based upon evidence, either written or oral.) TBI should be in no doubt that Luke Preece’s psychopathological need to smear people’s reputation, get them fired and humiliate them publicly is so chronic that he just cannot control his mouth. He is a complete “loose cannon”. The man who called us psychotic, his supposed mates at TBI Kuningan “the 3 idiots” (in a series of leaked emails), and said that he had sometimes fantasized about snapping Mariam’s neck in his bare hands also alleged that the owner of TBI Bogor was “well-known to be mafia”. People should be very careful around him and never share information that is in any way personal or compromising. You simply don’t want this sociopath inside your life or head.

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