Jodi Shiek “Moves On” from Morality (SW)

Back in April 2010 Jodi Shiek had values and morals. Or at least it seemed that way. The position of school manager of TBI Riau (then called TBI Jalan Jawa) was up for grabs. Her and Ratna had made an application to run it jointly. Ratna and her had been running operations for many years. We’ve heard that Ratna had done at least 10 years’ active service at TBI and was well-respected. Jodi might have been using a fake degree to get a KITAS (like Luke, Scott, Matthew France and most other people in the short-on-credentials TBI Bandung environment) but she did have a DELTA. So Jodi and Ratna had a large of academic and work experience between them, and one of them was even a CELTA trainer. So what did Luke Preece do? He told Jodi and Ratna they couldn’t be joint-managers, there was no such thing. It made more sense, according to Stoopid, to have Scott Martin appointed as manager who had 12 months’ experience as a teacher and was widely regarded as being a dull, uninspired plodder! Oh and he was degreeless too.

It didn’t end there. Mariezka, another Indonesian teacher, had forwarded her CV to Luke Preece and had kept a copy of it in her sent email. Luke Preece claimed that he never received it. Jodi seemed to have a conscience and morals back then and she loudly championed Mareizka’s cause in Bandung (we learned much later). We recall her refusing to speak to Luke at the time or travel to Jakarta in the same vehicle as him! Cameron didn’t know about Mariezka then. He only knew that Jodi was unhappy about Scott’s appointment in a general way. But according to Luke Scott had been “the only candidate” and he even suggests in a typical sociopathic move that Jodi was going through menopause and had become unhinged. As we have often said, Luke’s definition of “crazy” is pointing out how much of a criminal he is.

Mariezka went to Mariam for justice (ha-ha) and was brushed off like everyone else who ever complained about Luke to the corrupt, fat bully. She memorably told me that she was the umpteenth person in Bandung to have complained about his unethical conduct. She said TBI Head Office had supported him so many times (even when the complainants had strong evidence) that it was suspected that he was protected for some reason and may have been blackmailing the bigwigs at Head Office! Nice. And this is the guy who complained that Cam was ‘hateful’ because had made Matthew France wear a tie to class! Luke commits big crimes himself and then attacks other managers for the pettiest non-issues you can imagine.

We told you last year that the only expat manager Luke would accept is the ‘puppet’ Scott Martin. We told you last year that he was a sociopath who got enjoyment from having people fired or demoted. We told you that he was a menace to TBI and was destroying it slowly from within, And what did he have to say? He told us that Scott’s removal was “a promotion”. This was never more than another farcical lie from Stoopid, which has now been proved by his wicked crowing now Ratna has been knifed. And then Ratna ‘disappears’ only to be replaced by Scott, who doesn’t have a degree and was so bad in 2012 that not one expat teacher renewed their contract! In short, this event is exactly what we warned you Luke Preece, a vicious, compulsive sociopath, was likely to do next.

But this post is directed not at the evil Preece, but at his once-moral accomplices who he drags down into the gutter with him. I’m looking at you Jodi. You are down there in the gutter with him. After we started this blog, you told us to “move on and do something positive with our lives”. Well, Jodi I tell you you are doing something corrupt and depressing with yours. Ratna was your long-time friend. You planned to manage a school with her. You know Scott is no good and you know Luke is a crook. By staying on there and accepting Luke’s back-stabbing of Ratna, you have dragged yourself down to his level, Jodi. You have “moved on” from being the moral conscience of Scott’s rigged appointment to being the apologist for it. You need to “move on” from that sad company and regain some dignity. You need to consider how you might look at the folks back home. You need to “move on” from cowardice and betrayal and regain some morals.

Stop your whining at us that you have family and are trapped. Having a family is not a good reason to abandon your values.

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