Lilies Agustine (Wanita Simpanan Luke) Email Spy Warning

In light of Ratna’s removal, we think it is ethical to issue a fresh warning to anyone who has a TBI email account. In late 2011 TBI set up its own email system powered by Google. I think only managers have TBI email accounts not teachers. For example Luke Preece’s email is There are other school-based ones too. For example one email is If you use one of these email accounts, you should be aware that you are being spied on by Lilies Agustine.

Lilies Agustine slept over at our house one night in 2011. In the course of drinking a full bottle of red wine to herself, she told us that, “She was closer and more intimate with Luke than Ika (Luke’s wife.)” She also boasted that Lilies and Luke were so close that Ika had banned Lilies from their home. She said that their marriage was a sham and that Luke’s only true solace and understanding came from Lilies herself. Luke had appointed Lilies as Marketing Manager at TBI Dago and after he became Business Development Manager he had arranged her promotion to head of Marketing for the whole group. This incredible promotion is typical of Luke. He promotes loyal stooges to big jobs like head of TBI Riau (the biggest school) or Head of Marketing, so he can expand his personal fiefdoms by stealth.

After Lilies was in charge of marketing, he arranged it so admin of the TBI email system was under her control. That meant that Luke’s special lady friend was able to spy on every single email written within TBI and report back to Luke. In short, he had gained eyes over every piece of electronic communication within the company. This is clearly a narcissistic sociopath’s dream as it gives Preece a vast amount of data which he can use to undermine people and play his sick little power games.

The day that Luke told Cameron not to come into work because there had been threats he would be deported if he didn’t resign (there never had been of course). Cameron’s TBI email account was shut down mysteriously the day he made a complaint against Luke for lying to Mariam. Cameron did not actually leave TBI Kuningan until 6 weeks later but Lilies had his email switched off for complaining about Luke’s lack of ethics! But 6 weeks before he and Mariam finally agreed that Cameron would leave TBI, Lilies Agustine disabled Cam’s email account. 

When we went into one of the complaint meetings with Mariam about Luke’s deliberate sabotage of Cameron’s career, all of his emails which he had written were left in a folder on Mariam’s desk. In short, not only did the TBI Director refuse to investigate why Luke Preece had lied to Cameron that he was in danger of being deported (or even discuss it), she had a pile of emails sent to her by Lilies Agustine as part of their covert surveillance of their own managers. [Fortunately, Cameron had set up a proxy email where copies of all his work emails were sent. (He strongly suspected Preece was a sociopath by the end and was taking preventative measures to try and protect himself.) If he had not done this, Preece and Agustine would have wiped all copies of the emails where Luke Preece was calling TBI teachers like Matt and Colm ‘idiots’ and ‘crazy’ and we would have had no proof that Preece was a vicious nutter].

In previous meetings TBI management had sworn that they would not spy or snoop on managers using the new email addresses. They said that the capacity to look was there but they would not use it. However, once Cameron made a complaint about Luke Preece for lying to him about a deportation threat, Mariam spied on Cameron not Luke! We found just like many previous managers that TBI is so under Luke Preece’s thumb that to even complain about him to Mariam meant the end of your career.

So be careful. Luke’s (former??) bit on the side is watching you, spying on you and reporting back to Luke Preece. 

13 thoughts on “Lilies Agustine (Wanita Simpanan Luke) Email Spy Warning

  1. ‘Shameless cretins’, you are one pathetic waste of oxygen. What has to be wrong with someone that they act this way? Bet you’re in your 30’s early 40’s, Married to some Indonesian mbamba who just serves you and this is what you do with your life, Post stupid comments on the internet and drink bragging at work about what you just sent in to this blog. Your life is pointless. Do something progressive with your life you sexist lonesome homophobic pathetic pervy dirty old f**k. Stop breathing my oxygen.

  2. It was aimed at Luke, Was the description close? Just from the comments he makes he seemed to fit that description. The dirty old perv soon-to-be has-been who gets thrown away, and all those years of using people catch up to him. Anyone in a high position take note from a famous iron maiden song. “Run to the hills, Run for your lives”. Running is all you have left Luke.

  3. It is amazing that Preece thinks a few stupid comments about “mammies” is an adequate response to the revelation that his mistress has been put in charge of email surveillance inside TBI and is spying for him. The nutty South Australian has turned TBI into a mix between Soviet Russia and the Loony Bin.

  4. First, mentalist is not a synonym for the word lunatic. It was the name of a TV show. I know you don’t have an education but you could Invest in a dictionary. You don’t understand what this word means. Second, you come on here writing anonymous comments about a manager’s breasts and what sexual acts you would like to do to them and you now expect to take the high ground! Do you think that airing your sex fanatasies under abusive aliases on other peoples’ blogs is what sensible people do? I am sure your comments will be missed. What a blow.

  5. He doesn’t even need to invest, He could just direct his web browser to and find all relevant information there for free. Save you a little cash for your internet connection payment this month so you can keep trolling with your pathetic life.

    Part of Speech: noun
    Definition: person who reads or senses others’ thoughts
    Synonyms: channeller, clairvoyant, diviner, fortune-teller, oracle, palm reader, proroscopist, prophet, psychic, seer, telepathis, telepathist, thought reader.

    Thank you for the compliment. I wish i was a mentalist and could do that but i don’t need to be one to sense the kind of person you are. Just from your comments. It’s so easy to tell the type of person you are and the kind of life you lead..

  6. These posters have a clear agenda. They don’t mention anything about managers being fired and schools closing. They never demand TBI protect exploited teachers at Bekasi. They just come to use smear techniques. They lie and insult the whistle blowers against the The Bullshit Institute and then tell people in Jakarta- look on the blog, there are so many negative remarks. In this twisted through the looking glass world, abusive online trolls should be taken seriously. It is very similar to TBI’s fake positive hype on Dave’s ESL cafe. Two posters called Tudor and Chezal have dominated debate on EF and TBI for the last 4 years, insulting EF and singing the praises of TBI hundreds of times and then saying, ” Look everyone agrees TBI is better than EF” when it proves nothing. All it proves is that two online people with an agenda have dominated the debate. They have rightly been accused of bullying and dominating tactics several times by other users but they just use condescension and bullying to silence them. The same applies here. Too cheap to do proper PR, TBI resorts to bottom feeder tactics like fake positive comments on Dave’s and trolling attacks on people who have enough morality to defy TBI degenerates like Binsar and Luke.

    • This is real propaganda by them. Spreading lies and twisting stories in order to meet their agenda and gain public approval. While at the same time they post this “Holier than thou” BS on other websites, Their puppet masters and gaining all te profit. It’s a true true shame they don’t realize the masters they serve in this don’t actually care about them either and one day will throw them away like they have done to so many on their masters behalf. It’s a very vicious circle in TBI.

      Thank God for this Blog, I already know of several business and school owners and managers that say the people mentioned here will never get a job at their establishment. TBI is all they have and after the Jenga tower goes down, They leave with nothing and will find no one will employ them because of how they abused people for TBI.

  7. Moore’s Law of the Internet: You can tell the intelligence of an Internet debater based on how long they take to mention the Nazis.

    Based on that test, shameless cretin ain’t too smart.

  8. At this point I bow out. You’re an absolute mentalist and I’m completely out of my depth. You won’t be hearing from me again. You need help.

    next day….

    This website is shameless propaganda. You would’ve been held in high regard in the Third Reich.

    So i guess you’re not a man of your word after all?

    How can it be propaganda if it’s all true? Do you know what the word means? Or is this another fail post on your behalf?

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