“Ragil” Defames Another Former TBI Manager

One of the arguments we have made again and again is that there was an orchestrated campaign by Luke Preece and Ashley Platts to get every other expat manager removed. This was part of a deliberate campaign to be the last expats standing. Another example of the vile slander campaigns they have directed at former TBI expat managers comes from Dave’s ESL Cafe. We printed this post from “Ragil” last year. This user “Ragil” attacks us for running down TBI but with gross hypocrisy his early posts on Dave’s reveal him throwing a lot of mud at the last expat manager of TBI Malang. 

   In his comments on Dave’s ESL Cafe, Ragil who later condemned our harsh words about TBI management, with horrible duplicity had the following things to say about a TBI manager himself:

   * The manager was “likely psychotic”

   * The manager was “a complete philistine”

   *The manager had faked all of his academic qualifications

   * The “testamurs” of said manager were all forgeries too

   * The manager was suspect because he didn’t like shoes with laces

  As we have said over and over on this blog, anyone who Luke Preece doesn’t like is called insane, delusional and psychotic. Cameron was a victim of this smear campaign but he clearly wasn’t the first. Back in 2012 Ragil- who is now singing the praises of TBI Bandung online (where Luke and Scotty are based)- was using the exact same smear tactics against another TBI manager. Surely people must see that TBI (as we have long described it) is a snake-pit of viciousness.

    What makes the smear campaign against the said former manager even more scandalous is that Luke Preece and his cronies possess most of the flaws they attack this teacher for themselves.

   Luke Preece, Scott Martin and Jodi (Jamila) Sheik have all used faked degrees at the Bandung Immigration office for years. Matthew France, who was Luke’s main mole and stooge at TBI Kuningan, didn’t have a degree either. So if faked testamurs are such a big deal, almost the whole of Luke’s crew should be fired too. The whole thing reeks of nastiness, rank hypocrisy and Machiavellian scheming. Smear people’s names behind their backs online using aliases and then attack TBI critics when they write a blog telling the truth. As we have long said, Luke’s defintion of crazy or psychotic is “disagreeing with me, or challenging my corrupt behavior”. In our opinion, it is his decade-long stint of scheming, back-stabbing and conniving which suggests serious mental disorders. He has just been scapegoating others for his own vile conduct all along.

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