Former TBI Malang Expat Manager Had Faked Credentials Too? (Dave’s ESL Cafe: 2012)

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Right. Didn’t stop TBI Malang’s previous DOS who (not for reasons quite possibly unrelated to educational qualifications – or lack thereof – was a complete philistine and likely psychotic) didn’t even have a degree, let alone a relevant major of any kind.[Nor did this particular individual appear to own footwear which utilised laces, but I digress …]Anyway, it didn’t stop said DOS’s cv or fabricated testamurs from making claims to the contrary. Such is the problem with corruption (or casual footwear): Completely unacceptable, unless it suits one’s interests or can be gotten away with.


There is a pattern over many years at TBI where ex-managers are forced out of the company by the TBI Mafia, black-listed over petty and ridiculous issues (here they attack his choice of footwear) and then are scathingly attacked and cyber-bullied in numerous online forums. This scathing attack came on Dave’s ESL cafe, which former CELTA trainer David B****** used to be in charge of patrolling. His main job was to post pro-TBI propaganda and to attack anyone who criticized TBI. The favored tactics were to accuse anyone who criticized TBI of having a “bee in their bonnet” or being “a disgruntled former employee.” They would also use the word, “Yawn”, a lot. For example, “Yawn. This person has clearly got a bee in their bonnet. Just for variety they might also attack the person’s grammar and say they should never have been a teacher in the first place. Funnily enough, many of these disgruntled former employees were angry for a very good reason. The saying, “Where there’s smoke there’s fire,” springs to mind. If the criticism is especially severe- if you mentioned they were tax cheats for example- they would probably go further and accuse you of being “insane”. Chezal, Tudor, Ragil and Jef Dam- various online fronts for the TBI Mafia- all have used some or all of these cyber bully tactics over the years.


The above attack on the former manager of TBI Malang (from 2012) is typical of their cyber bully tactics. Anyone who criticizes TBI’s abysmally unprofessional Head Office is called some form of the word “crazy”: psychotic is the word of choice in this post. The manager in this post is also attacked for having fake academic qualifications, which is an absolute joke because none of the expat members or the TBI Mafia have more than a high school diploma and a CELTA either- Luke, Ashley and Scott all never went to university. Their hypocrisy on this issue is stunning but also, sadly, completely typical. The real reason this individual was foced out was to get rid of expat manags besides themselves, which happened by one by one at every TBI school over a four year period, finally cementing the control of a bunch of unqualified liars and back-stabbers over the organization. As you can see above, slander made behind aliases was one of their slimey trademarks.


And what about the low-cost Indonesian who replaced this “psychotic” expat? Luke accused him of being a criminal mastermind, planted spies in his scholl to collect dirt on him and eventually forced him out of the company too,insisting that he lie to everyone it has his own idea! This duplicity became known and the company ‘s joint venture partner dumped TBI in outrage, costing two hundred thousand dollars in lost revenue in 2013. This is a company controlled by people whose unprofesSionalism is legendary by now. Deceit has always been their favored modus operandi.

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  1. We will be examining how three Dave’s users- Tudor, Chezal and Rangil- have been running down TBI critics and pimping TBI courses for years. This snide, nasty comment above is typical of the TBI Mafia character assassination tactics. The TBI CELTA course is wonderful and fabulous according to these people and anyone who doesn’t agree is labelled ‘psychotic’ or ‘deranged’. Some tactics have been going on for years at TBI it seems.

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