Winners and Losers

Just a short post. I promise to post on Luke’s Hong Kong recruit tomorrow but can’t be bothered with all that this evening. I just wanted to lay out what has become very obvious over the past couple of months about TBI. Here are a couple of short propositions which I feel confident about.

1. TBI has been hit hard by this blog and other dissenting voices. 

2. Their policy of ignoring us has largely failed as their corruption was already an open secret amongst managers and owners. People in the know knew we were right.

3. A period of instability came to a head after TBI Malang and TBI Semarang closed and it became impossible to maintain the pretense everything was fine.

4. Answers and action were being demanded after TBI Malang jumped ship.

5. There was a power struggle within the ruling clique and there were winners and losers.

                          Mariam Is the Biggest Loser

1. Mariam was the biggest loser. From TBI Director with 300 employees, she now runs some tests at USG in a department that used to have 2 staff. 

2. Reza Suriansha is the biggest winner. The backroom man who fiddled the books and ensured TBI paid no tax has now become the boss of it all.

3. Luke Preece has lost a lot. He has lost his franchise empire but he still has pull in Group schools. He has enough power at least to re-install the failed School Manager Scott Martin in Riau. On the nose with owners and other business professionals, he is still protected by USG crooks like Reza, who he used to ferry cash in suitcases for. 

   In conclusion, the TBI Mafia is far from dead. It just has a new head. That rhymed! Malam.



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