Reader Comment: Binsar Needs to Be Shut Down

Anonymous says:

Thank you for coming forward and reinforcing (Yet again) and exposing (Yet again) the horror that is TBI Bekasi and the snake that is Binsar Simorangkir. How many more victims have to come forward with these stories before someone actually does something about it? Binsar needs to be shut down.

  These comments were made by a reader of this blog overnight. And indeed there has been a heavy volume of traffic to this site over the past week or so, with people drawn here to read a variety of testimonials and comments about the horror that is TBI Bekasi. The idea that TBI can be so foolish as to allow Binsar to continue abusing and lying to expat teachers (not to mention the ‘special tickles’ he likes to inflict on local female victims) is abhorrent to right-minded people, and people from across the industry have expressed their shock and concern at what TBI Bekasi expects its teachers to tolerate. 

But this isn’t just a story about TBI Bekasi. The rotten Head Office’s neglect and disdain for people who have worked for TBI franchises is mind-boggling and also just plain dumb. Very very dumb. Do you think McDonalds Head Office would allow one of its restaurants to serve rancid, out of date meat in its burgers? Do you think Dunkin’ Donuts would allow a rogue franchisee to allow rats to play freely around the store? But that is what TBI has been doing since early 2012 in Bekasi. As early as 2009 TBI Head Office had been alerted to abuses in Bekasi, but they must have thought they could keep a lid on them. But since 2012 they have had mass exposure of Binsar’s antics and still they allow him to further sully their already dirty reputation. They dumbly allow the likes of Binsar Simorangkir to drag the brand’s name down into the gutter and do nothing to stop it. Do these people honestly not know what a huge liability this crooked man has become to their reputation? A lot of mud has already stuck to Head Office due their protection of the slimy school-owner, and the longer they leave him there, the worse it gets.  On one level it suits us if he stays there, as he is a living, breathing testimony to the truth of our main message- TBI is rotten to the core and has no real values- but for the sake of the people who have had to tolerate him as a manager, we agree with the reader’s comment above: Binsar needs to be shut down.

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