The New TBI: The Sweet Taste of Freedom

The new ‘break-off’ TBI, The B*ston Institute, is proving that there is life after The British Institute. With the dead hand of Luke, Mariam and Reza lifted, the new school is doing well, with student numbers up 30% since the break. Why is this the case?

Well, you need to understand this crucial fact. Luke Preece had no scruples destroying and undermining TBI schools to try and get rid of his enemies. It has become ever clearer to us what a massive handicap he is to the company. At TBI Kuningan in 2010 he instructed David Bradbury, the venal CELTA trainer, to throw the interview for ACTEL by lying about fake gambling debts in order that Minnie, an unqualified rookie, get the job. He then ordered Minnie to go nuts, being openly hostile to Mark B., a teacher, and the Office Supervisor Uli in order to create the impression that Wati could not control her staff. Minnie was the roommate of Luke’s alleged mistress Lilies Augustine and she had been hand-picked to move from Bandung to Jakarta by Luke himself. Like all his other ‘plants’, she spied for him and attacked his enemies and was then rewarded with a big salary increase. The man has no conscience and loves to involve other people in his schemes, preferring to act as a ‘puppet master’ from afar.

In Malang he also planted a woman from Bandung who then spied for him. We heard how Nia had secret meetings with Luke Preece (which were eventually leaked by teachers loyal to the school manager), and we knew via Cameron that Luke had criminally slandered the school manager of Malang by alleging that he had masterminded a break-in at his own school. It was communication with people in Malang which warned us not to trust Preece ‘plants’, and the joint-venture partner in Malang eventually learned this the hard way. In the end, they had to break the contract with TBI head office in order to get rid of Nia and 2 spying teachers who did Preece’s dirty work.

The final stage of Luke Preece’s destructive and vindictive games in Malang was to try and starve the school of resources. This sociopathic man will not stop at nothing to claim the head of his intended victim. He has actually cost TBI billions of rupiah with his sick games. In 2011 and 2012 he tried to destroy the school manager by causing student numbers to collapse. Preece imposed a rule on TBI Malang that they could not pay Native Speakers more than Rp 10.000.000. This made it impossible for the school manager to secure Native Speakers with the right degree. To any expat we ask: If you had an English degree these days and wanted to work in Indonesia, would you have decided to work for Rp 10.000.000? Luke had made a rule which he knew would prevent GA from recruiting teachers; no Native Speakers equals commercial failure.

The amazing hypocrisy of Preece here can be shown by the fact that Native Speakers got Rp 14.500.000 at group schools in Jakarta. In short, he made a rule that Native Speakers at his enemy’s school got a salary of Rp 4.500.000 less than at the schools where he had stooges in charge. It was the grossest use of double-standards possible and its real purpose was to try and drive GA out by causing him to have low student numbers. Having Preece on board is like having termites in a timber house. He has caused untold destruction for TBI, and no wonder being free of his baleful influence is considered cause for celebration in Malang.

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