Welcome to The Boston Institute, Malang

The former branch of The British Institute (TBI) Malang has now re-opened as The Boston Institute (TBI) Malang. As we told you several months back, unsatisfied with the  performance of Luke Preece and Mariam Kartikatresni at The British Institute, the joint-venture partners decided to end that unfruitful relationship go it alone. And what a great job they are doing! Below you will find a link to their new Facebook page. Whereas TBI Facebook pages have sometimes gone years at a time without being updated, this zingy new FB page is full of photos, updates and information. Honestly, I can’t help thinking what a good thing it may be if other former The British Institute schools break off and go it alone. Let’s hope that this happens for the benefit of ESL learners in Indonesia.

And what about that name The Boston Institute? Well, Boston of course has many historical links with The American Revolution, including the original Tea Party. In going it alone and declaring independence from the British Institute name, this school hopes to make a fresh start and deliver better and customer service to its learners. Oh, and unlike the former Jakarta-based managers, who failed to get the old branch a single Native Speaker for more than a year, the current management can offer Native Speaker instruction. Follow this link to see their exciting new webpage:


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