The End of an Evil Reign: Mariam Kartikatresni 2006-2012

It is now time for this blog and its contributors to chalk up another victory for justice. We can now confirm that it has now been over three months since control of TBI passed from Mariam’s grasp. According to her ego-stroking Linked-In account, her time as TBI Director has ended and she is now Director of Testing at USG. This position used to have one director and one staff member! Thus this is another massive demotion for a former TBI Mafia member, surpassing even Preece’s unceremonious rejection. She has gone from director of the whole show to the manager of a tiny little department that does a few IELTS tests. Make no mistake, the Reign of Error is over. This is another dumping of on a Needham-like scale when he lost control of Kuningan, Sudirman and Fatmawati all at once. It also shows that chaos still reigns inside this ailing company, with job after job changing hands. But this is a massive victory for us. The wicked Kartikatresni got her much deserved comeuppance.

Mariam ruled TBI based on fear, bullying and an autocratic style

Mariam ruled TBI based on fear, bullying and an autocratic style

2 thoughts on “The End of an Evil Reign: Mariam Kartikatresni 2006-2012

    • Michelle has oh-so-predictably rocked up this morning and boasted that we are losers because we don’t know the inner politics of TBI anymore. But we do know a little something Lukey: we know that chaos prevails. We know that Mariam used to waltz around introducing herself as a) The TBI Director and b) part Japanese every time she met someone. She would not have given up that fancy title for anything, and now she has some Wati-style ‘make work’ job. Try hard as you will, no one will believe going from 200 employees under you to a position with 2 employees under you is anything but a whopping great hiding. You crims got served!!!

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