Mariam’s ‘Promotion’ from TBI Director to the Director of a Broom Closet

Michelle has oh-so-predictably rocked up this morning and boasted that we are losers because we don’t know the inner politics of TBI anymore. This has become something of a ritual for Luke Preece as his former dominion rapidly collapses. When his horribly unpopular stooge Scotty got demoted from the School Manager rule at Riau we heard (you guessed it) that it was a promotion to go from a school with 1000 students to a school with 200 students. Oh and he also lied that Ratna hadn’t ousted Scotty: she had. 

When Preece himself lost control of 11 Franchise schools, this was (ahem) a ‘promotion’ to the Board of Directors. Oddly enough no such promotion has appeared on his Linked-In account. He has lost his supervisory capacity at every single school outside the main 5 schools in Jakarta and Bandung. With his ego puffed up bigger than a cane toad, this con-man is simply unable to concede that he has been chopped down to size. There is no humility in his nature and he has to ‘front’ like a high school bully.

But the removal of Mariam Kartikatresni as TBI Director dwarfs every setback for the corrupt collective we have dubbed the TBI Mafia. You would have to be a mental midget by this size to not see that massive power struggles are going on within this company and that Mariam and her clique are now officially ‘on the nose’. Let’s just examine what this ‘promotion’ means. Before Mariam controlled 18 schools (16 after she and Luke terrified two schools out of the company) and she was thus the supervisor of 200-300 employees. She has now been driven out of TBI entirely and only works for USG. USG businesses have only a fraction of the income and power that TBI does. Their businesses are a drop in the pond, often only employing one or two people. The role she now occupies- that of USG testing- used to employ 2 people when we worked there. Yes, that’s right, 2 people. Now they are doing IELTS testing, it may have grown slightly, but even if it has doubled in size, she now manages 4 people instead of 200-300

Furthermore, let’s remember how this woman fought tooth and nail to get teh TBI Directorship back when she was ousted in July 2011 by Pak Yoni. For two weeks she fought Yoni, drawing on all her connections and resources and eventually Yoni was ousted and Mariam was back to extend her Reign of Error. Every time she met someone new she would boast cringefully that she was the TBI Director. She even introduced herself as this over and over again at TBI meetings to people she already knew well. That title meant everything to her. She loved to appear all over the Indonesian press introducing herself as ‘the TBI Director’. This woman has come back more times from the dead than Jason in the Friday the 13th movies, desperate to maintain control of TBI; that job was everything to her and she ruthlessly disposed of enemy after enemy to maintain it. Of course she did not want to lose her empire of 200 plus employees to manage a small group of 3 or 4 people. She has been stripped of her power and authority and offered a cushy, do-nothing position at USG just like Ibu Wati was after she caused student numbers at Kunignan to nosedive in 2010. Ding dong, Mariam has been dethroned. In a typical face-saving move she is still called ‘Director’, but she now directs 3 people not 300. 

We had withheld this news for many weeks, as she has fought her way back before after being forced out. But she has now been out of the top job for over 3 months. This looks to be permanent. The evil reign of this lying, scheming, unprincipled woman has come to an end.

Meet a real TEFL professional

Meet a real TEFL professional

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