Key Features of Luke and Mariam’s Misconduct in Malang


  • The planting of moles in TBI Malang by Luke Preece


  • Secret meetings with moles to get information which could be used against the school manager


  • Poor performance in job roles mixed with spying for Luke by people Luke had ‘planted’ there


  • Luke getting other staff fired or pushed out so a Luke mole could get a promotion to the Office Supervisor position


  • Character assassination against the school manager by Luke Preece: he accused the school manager there of organizing a ‘break and enter’ at his own school


  • A long track record of slander and defamation by Luke Preece- he always told people that the school manager was useless and incompetent, but had barely met him


  • A complete lack of professionalism by Luke Preece in performing his supposed job description; he never offered support to Malang despite his role as supervisor


  • Starving a perceived enemy of needed resources (Luke Preece did not give one Native Speaker teacher to Malang in 2012)



  • Ordering the school manager to resign and then ordering him to lie it was his own idea (exactly what Luke did to Mariezka at TBI Depok in November 2011.)


  • 100% cooperation and teamwork in unethical actions by Luke Preece and Mariam Kartikatresni (they both ordered the school manager to resign and lie he wanted to)


  • Complaints by the joint venture partner of serial dishonesty and unprofessionalism in all of their interactions with Luke Preece and Mariam Kartikatresni


  • Complete ignorance by Luke Preece and Mariam Kartikatresni about business norms relating to seeking feedback from JV (joint venture) partners


  • Complete silence and / or denial by TBI authorities when a major disaster occurs for the company

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