Meet Reza ‘Minta Maaf Luke’ Suriansha (Part 2 of 3)

Earlier this week, we introduced you to Reza Suriansha, the new COO of TBI. If you are asking what a COO is, apparently it is a Chief Operations Officer. He has been given new supervisory powers across the group, including TBI, adding another level of supervision over Luke Preece, TBI’s multiple back-stabbing Business Development Manager. Unfortunately, Luke and Mariam have ganged up to try and claim another scalp in December 2012 and have lost TBI Malang through their arrogant stupidity. They are now down to only 1 school in East Java from 2 and only 5 group schools from 6. 

The joint-venture partner, MCE, was so fed up with Luke and Mariam’s dishonesty and lack of professionalism, according to our informants, that they refused to even speak to them. This confirms everything we have been saying for a year now: Luke and Mariam are co-conspirators and Luke Preece is a dishonest scoundrel who has only brought TBI into disrepute.

<p>Because Luke and Mariam were held in such disdain, it was Reza Suriansha who had to fly to Malang on a begging mission. You see TBI wanted to beg MCE to be allowed to maintain a small office on the building MCE owned. They wanted to use this small office to run In-House classes in the city- especially with the lucrative tobacco industry contracts which Luke’s attempted victim had won for TBI. (It is astonishing that someone who had won TBI a nation-wide contract with a major tobacco manufacturer had been ordered to resign by Luke and Mariam. But as we have long said: good performance is irrelevant in TBI unless you are part of Luke and Mariam’s Mafia.

The fact that TBI would beg for an office from a company which had terminated a contract with TBI shows they have no shame. The love of money is their only guiding principle and they had no problem begging for a small office from the very company which had told them they were  arrogant, dishonest and unprofessional. It also shows that Mariam and Luke have a ‘tin ear’. A major investor can terminate a contract with them and they just say: Minta boleh pakai kantormu, Pak. Without any principles to speak of, they are willing to do any degrading and shameful thing for a few rupiah. If they had to rent a small office in a country town themselves, which could hardly be expensive, there were be less cash for Bu Mariam to siphon off!

Sensible readers will be pleased to know that MCE was so sickened by TBI’s lies and deceit that they refused to give them even one small office. They said they wanted nothing more to do with TBI as they had received nothing but empty promises and lies from The British Institute. Pak Reza, surely angry at having to fly to Malang to clean up another one of Luke and Mariam’s many little ‘whoopsies’ (messes), was given short shrift. TBI was told to go away and get their own office. MCE would be opening its own school in Malang with Luke’s attempted victim as School Manager. They wanted nothing to do with the TBI brand and Luke’s known moles in Malang- Luke’s planted Office Supervisor and stooge, Nia- and two other teachers who had been known to spy for Head Office, were given their marching orders. 

Reza Suriansha left Malang, empty-handed, unable to undo the damage which Luke and Mariam had done with their sickening: I order to you resign and lie it was your own idea tactics. This a victory for honesty and moral uprightness against the vile and sleazy Kartikatresni-Platts-Preece troika.



Luke Preece: I want to you to resign and remember to say that this was your idea!



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