Why Do We Have the TBI Bekasi Income Statement?

Hi Sean,

When one wants to print anything at TBI Bekasi you have to provide it on a USB drive as they don’t have the computers from the lab linked to the printers. You give the USB to the student advisors on the front office and they don’t use the main printer instead they have a crappy old printer which they use for the teachers, and you don’t even get proper paper instead you get scrap paper to print on. Anyway, why this is relevant is that they are extremely lax with what they use as scrap paper. Previously I’ve read minutes from meetings and conferences, I’ve read interview questions they suggest asking prospective teachers and so on. But today I got the TBI Income Statement for 2012, detailing all their sales and various expenditures. Any normal organization would have filed or shredded such information but that’s TBI. Anyway I thought you might find it interesting reading.

Best wishes,


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