The Utter Incoherence of Luke Preece

Luke Preece, desperate to maintain his own job as the lackey of a bunch of Jakarta crooks, never fails to attack anyone who supports us or criticizes his sick organization. We have now marked his alias ‘Michelle’ as spam again, so she is not free to write lies into the comment box. Here is an example of the nonsense we get. In it she predictably attacks the new Bekasi teacher, as she has everyone else who has aired valid criticism of a wretched language school.

“If you wanted to you could create your own lesson from scratch, but that would require a lot of preparation and you don’t get any credit when you do. ”

Terrible attitude for someone who’s so hung up on the maintaining of high standards for others.

These comments from Michelle are incoherent and let’s just quickly explain why. Just two day or three days ago Michelle was flooding the comments box with laughable assertions that this Bekasi teacher was ‘a fake’, or ‘a fictitious creation of Sean and / or Cam’. With utter absurdity he even suggested that we were encrypting hex codes (whatever they are) to try and fool the ESL public. Now, just two days later, he inadvertently acknowledges that he knows that this Bekasi teacher is real by criticizing him as an individual, which means he is also admitting that he was lying to the TBI community in trying to convince them he was fake. As we have said again and again, Preece is ‘slippery as an eel’ and absolutely not to be trusted.

And as for his comments that this teacher has ‘a terrible attitude’, this is a true insult and disgrace. Preece condones this thief and liar Binsar not reimbursing airfares, stealing half of the teacher’s THR, using Binsar’s own child to spy on teachers, ripping off TBI students by giving them an inadequate Native Speaker component, putting students in the wrong level and employing a 19 year old kid as a Native Speaker teacher and he dares to say this teacher- who stuck it out despite Binsar’s terrible behaviour- has ‘a terrible attitude’. The man must have had the patience of a saint to put up with 12 months of Binsar’s lies and deceit. It is, of course, Preece’s pathetic failure as Head of Franchise which displays a complete lack of ethics and professionalism and any criticisms levelled by him need not be given consideration.

Just one more point. The phrase ‘hung up on others maintaining high standards’ is a typical Preece distortion. It is completely misleading. The teacher is NOT insisting that Binsar have high standards. He is insisting Binsar has MINIMAL standards of decency. Expecting to be paid money that you were promised face to face is not insisting on high standards: it is the very least a decent school would do. A school that doesn’t meet this minimal standard is a rogue operator pure and simple. Expecting that students who have paid for 50% Native Speaker instruction get 50% Native Speaker is NOT insisting on high standards. It is the MINIMUM that they should receive. Giving them 25% Native Speaker is fraud. That Luke Preece does not recognize these simple principles of business shows how out of touch he has become with reality. Binsar is an embarrassment to the whole ESL world, and Luke drumming up business for this man in 2012 while not helping TBI teachers shows what he really is: a nasty fake.

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