The Real TBI Bekasi Audit

The leak of the TBI Bekasi income sheet has enraged Luke Preece. He appeared in the comments box about six different times again yesterday swearing and cursing like a drunken yobbo. One imagines he is receiving a lot of heat from his Indonesian mafia partners over his failed efforts to keep Binsar in check.

In 2009 we know that Pak Simorangkir had over five hundred students at various points after an enterprising expat teacher took charge of student recruitment. However during this period Binsar was telling people at TBI that Bekasi was a poor area and the school only had 150 students enrolled. He was lying on a massive scale and diverting profits into his own pockets. This man was by all accounts both the Fagan and Ebenezer Scrooge of Bekasi.

Then the TBI teachers who had done so much to boost TBI Bekasi were betrayed by Binsar. The people who had brought him so many new students were then robbed, threatened and denied their promised wages. So these teachers took Binsar’s data about the real income and student numbers and sent it to Head Office. Desperate to keep the TBI name clean, Head Office didn’t even acknowledge receipt of the records.

By 2012 Luke was in charge of all Franchise schools and auditing and supervising Binsar was his responsibility. Yes he has been demoted as Head of Franchise after a year of multiple embarrassments and failures but last year it was his remit. That explains his seething hostility towards the publication of this income statement. Despite all the evidence that Binsar was a crook, Preece was too lax in his supervision and Simorangkir has been back to his old off the books tricks. A single insider at TBI Bekasi has done a better job of auditing the school by emailing us one piece of paper than Preece did in an entire year. The off the books money grab is now down to about one-sixth of revenue whereas it stood at a ridiculous three-quarters of revenue in 2009, but this still shows what an amateurish operation The Broken Institute really is.



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