Confirmation of Authenticity of Bekasi Leaks (NEW)

The posts from the first ever expat teacher to complete his contract at TBI Bekasi have generated a large amount of views. The TBI Mafia have long claimed that no one is interested in this blog, but it had around 6,000 views in the first six weeks of 2013. Is 1000 views a week (around 400 visitors per week, with each one typically clicking on 2-3 articles) really a sign that there is no interest in this issue? For such a narrowly focused topic- a single, obscure language school- this seems like a very large amount of interest to us. Just because no current TBI teacher would admit to reading it to Luke and Mariam does not mean that they don’t have a peep.

Also Luke Preece has again been claiming (as Michelle) that these teacher’s reports are forgeries. Now just because Luke Preece commits fraud, losing CVs, stacking interview panels and coercing people to resign, that doesn’t mean that everyone is a fraud and con man. Still his endless new lies to cover up old lies is irritating. So just to shut him up now before he denies the authenticity of the appalling reports coming out of Bekasi, we will put him on warning. We have copies of numerous internal schedules, class lists and even income statements from Bekasi 2012. It is now 100% percent predictable that he will say that we are liars, so we have come prepared. We have loads of documents that we could not possibly have obtained except from someone within TBI Bekasi. Of course he can make some more far-fetched claims that we magically knew the name of the teacher and the exact prices for specific classes, but he will only be digging his own grave by proving himself such an obvious liar if he tries. We will also provide screen dumps of the original emails in due course. Some of these reports will be highly embarrassing for Binsar and TBI, too. We will show numerous internal documents from Bekasi as screen dumps in the coming weeks, so Luke can just stop lying our reports are forgeries right now. The disgusting dishonesty and fraud needs to stop, Preece. That he would lie to save the reputation of such a man as Binsar is surely a rotten reflection on his own character.

4 thoughts on “Confirmation of Authenticity of Bekasi Leaks (NEW)

  1. I don’t know why you’re still giving them the chance to do even the minimalist right thing. They have had their chance. Release the damning evidence against them and let’s see how they deal with it. Maybe more poems featuring homophobic rhymes. Maybe even something completely unrelated to the topic. Either way evidence is evidence and can be used against them.

  2. “Please Mariam”, pleaded Luke, “I will betray any number of expat victims of Binsar. I will spit in their faces and call them liars. Just dont kick me out of TBI. I have nothing without you Mariam.”

    “Good bule monkey”, replied Mariam, “Here are some peanuts you pathetic little bootlicker.”


    Nice life you lead, Luke. Any comments on whether you are paying THR yet?

  3. But as you may not be aware “michelle” these spread sheets have hex code intergrated into them which will show the date of creation and this hex code cannot be edited whatsoever. i will be helping reinforce the evidence against you by showing this to make sure it is a genuine document and not something made up. Next arguement please?

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