Bekasi Teacher Open Letter to Luke, Mariam Etc.

  Dear Luke, Mariam, Reza, Ashley, Hery etc.


I have been playing a role in this blog since the start because I feel I was treated horribly during my employment in your company. I’m part of the reason your Jenga tower of corruption and abuse is falling down. I didn’t do this out of wanting revenge, I didn’t want compensation, I just wanted a voice and to be heard when you wouldn’t listen and Sean and Cam provided that for me and I will be forever grateful to the both of them for giving me that chance. It’s been almost one year now since the blog was opened and I still live in Jakarta and have friends in TBI and from what they tell me, your business isn’t doing so well. I want to apologize to the teachers that have been affected by this. I know you guys have been forced into the middle of this and I hope it won’t jeopardize your livelihood. I do want to tell you guys though that you would be better off leaving this company and that we’re actually doing you a favour here with this blog. We’re giving a little trouble now to save the big trouble that could come later during your employment.
I also want to say, man to man, ‘Luke, what the fuck are you doing?’ These are real people you’re playing with. They have families and responsibilities and lives to live and you in your selfish, twisted, unstable attitude have stepped on them like they were nothing. You think being in a high position within TBI makes you royal? Don’t you realize outside of TBI you are nothing? If people knew how you behaved they would avoid you like a venomous snake. Let me ask you, ‘What happens if TBI gives you the boot- which you so so richly deserve?’
Go to work at EF? Berlitz maybe? With your reputation in the English community do you really think you could? You’re now infamous in Jakarta, mate, let me tell you that. I’ve overheard conversations and been involved in conversations of about you and heard many negative comments from both Indonesians and expats alike. From what I hear, they wouldn’t hire you, they wouldn’t take that risk whatsoever. Your little circle of corrupt friends and your corrupt job in your corrupt company is all you have now. When this is over you will have to set your tail firmly between your legs and leave Indonesia for good, but all those people you hurt and made trouble for will never ever forget what you did and when you’re set loose they will want their own justice (and believe me there’s a lot of people who you’ve hurt). What you have done these past few years is going to determine your future. I hope it was worth it. You betrayed your own and teamed up with some corrupt, greedy Indonesians for money and power but that money and status only exists for you within TBI. Outside it your position there means nothing. You should man up for this once in your life and submit an apology statement to and at least put out some fires before it’s too late. All some people want is an apology. Think about it.
  Former TBI Bekasi Teacher

2 thoughts on “Bekasi Teacher Open Letter to Luke, Mariam Etc.

  1. Dismissive, callous, insensitive, arrogant, with the idiotic swagger of a schoolyard bully: this is the childish, emotionally stunted and morally dwarfish man who once ran TBI Franchise. Let’s just thank God they demoted him. Oh, and for the record, he doesn’t have a degree in any subject, so he wouldn’t even be able to work for EF China. He knows he will be back in Adelaide on the dole after TBI, which is why he clings on to his shrinking little empire and tolerates the humiliation of losing control of 11 schools. He will be totally washed-up after this all plays out.

  2. Please note that Luke is now claiming that all these multiple Bekasi teachers are characters we created. Do you claim that the new teacher is a creation too Michelle? What a pathological liar you are, without a trace of self respect. Nothing but Mariam’s pet bule monkey. By the way paid any THR yet? What lies are you and Mariam hatching to try and rob the expat teachers? ‘We don’t have to pay you because…….insert pathetic excuse here.’

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