Sing a New Song, Luke

It is now almost a year since we started this blog. Over that period someone calling himself Michelle has sent over four hundred messages to this blog and most them repeat the same lies again and again. He also loves to claim that we ought to have gone whistle blower earlier, missing the crucial role of Luke Preece himself in the deception of Cameron. You see Luke swore that he hated corruption as much as Cameron did and swore he too wanted to reform TBI. There was some reason to believe Preece too, after all he supported Cam’s campaign to put Indonesian teachers on contract, improving their job security and he supported Cam’s plans for raises and promotions of high-performing Indonesian staff, even when they didn’t have connections at USG. We have already shown emails where Cam campaigned for better facilities for TBI students, even though he annoyed USG bigwigs by doing so. He also challenged financial irregularities a number of times. But all through this, Preece misled us. He asked Cam to be patient and swore that bigger changes were coming and that Luke would push for reform and clean up TBI when Ning finally retired. This was about as authentic as the proverbial bottle of snake oil, but it was Preece himself who was the snake-oil merchant.

Remember too that change almost did come to TBI in June 2011, when Mariam was removed from power in a coup orchestrated by Ning. Pak Yoni replaced her for two weeks before Mariam had the numbers to re-install herself. Yoni’s stated goal was to end cronyism at TBI and make the company tax compliant. Back in 2011 there really did seem to be a chance TBI would reform. But then Mariam regained power and it has been crises and school closures ever since.

Luke in 2011 Cam believed you had values. You had presented yourself to Cam as a principled reformer, just as you had presented yourself to Mariam as an achiever and goal scorer. What you really are is a professional deceiver. We found out you rigged manager appointments, had a fearsome reputation in Bandung for corruption and vindictiveness, planted moles in schools to spy on your rivals and accused people of criminal activities without proof. We also knew you had committed fraud in saying Cam had resigned. In short, you deceived us about what you are and the future of TBI and typically take no responsibility for it. You lie and lie and lie and then wonder why people are in the dark about TBI. Rather than repeat the tired old lie that we knew how hopeless TBI was all along, how about Luke steps up and undertakes to pay THR for last year and this? Make a positive difference for a change.


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