Where Did Teachers’ THR Payments Go?


 TBI expat teachers are entitled to be paid a 13 months’ salary and they do not have to produce a priest, rabbi or imam to get it. It is your legal entitlement. Now TBI fat cats like Mariam, Reza and Luke will not be happy you are reading this, as someone has been having a nice old time shopping in Singapore on your legal entitlements, but as Bernard has told us, this is your right. Do not sign any tax reports which state that you only received a small amount of income. Insist on receiving your THR (this should be around Rp 15.000.000 per annum for a teacher at a group school) and insist on receiving an accurate tax report. Do not sign a false tax report, as you will then be complicit in be liable yourself if a tax investigation of TBI gets under way. In the meantime, claim your legal rights to THR pay. Otherwise, some fat cat will be spending the money on a new Prada handbang at Plaza Indo.

Look at all my pilfered THR pay!

Look at all my pilfered THR pay!

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