Michelle Is Now Marked as Spam Unless She Offers Some Facts

Michelle now writes to us using the pronouns ‘we’ and ‘us’. For example:

How can we believe anything you say?

Now when people using a single name speak they use the pronoun ‘I’, so it is by no means clear what Michelle means when she refers to herself as ‘we’. Cameron suggested that Luke might have reached such incredible levels of delusion that he now feels included to use the royal ‘we’ to refer to all his TBI subjects. I think he was being facetious. Presumably she (Luke) means there is more than one person using the name Michelle now. Mind you, we always said that Luke was backed up by mindless stooges doing his bidding and this is very close to an admission we were right all along.

Anyway, we are just going to ignore Michelle from now on unless her comments have some factual basis. Abuse and name-calling will no longer cut it. Her recent technique has been to include factually inaccurate and / or abusive remarks in every post, so it is impossible to approve any of her comments without putting wrong information on the blog. Let me give you an example of how this works:

Yes, TBI Malang has closed but every intelligent person knows this whole blog is nothing but a vile hate campaign against Luke Preece, who is blossoming while you rot. Take a look at yourself, you idiot.

What are we to do with these comments? If we approve them we allow abusive remarks ‘you idiot’ and the factually inaccurate comments ‘this whole blog is nothing but a hate campaign against Luke Preece’ onto the blog. (This blog has provided a lot of exposure of multiple rackets that often have nothing to do with Luke- eg. Ashley’s boosting of Chris Needham and Binsar Simorangkir’s arrest for allegedly sexual molesting a TBI student). The comment is loaded with fake information. Why should we publish it? Newspapers don’t publish factually flawed letters. 

There has been another option, which is editing. There is an edit button on WordPress and we can remove the factually flawed and abusive parts of the posts. Take the abuse out of the sample comment and all you are left with is, “Yes TBI Malang has closed.”

But if we edit Michelle’s posts, she will write in triumphantly and say, “Look you have edited our posts. Worse than North Korea.”  Or she will say, “You edited my last comment so the screen dumps must be fake too.” This is a perfectly flawed statement. Courts of law and media outlets accept screen dumps. I am sure there are some tech wizards who know how to alter them but I don’t even know how to use Excel well. Luke Preece is now grasping at straws by lying that hundreds of emails have been digitally altered in a vile conspiracy to fool TBI teachers and defame him. We are happy to forward all copies of original emails to anyone who writes to us at tbimafiavictims@gmail.com But of course sensible people know that Lipi, Cam, Sean, the 3 Bekasi teachers etc etc. are not all engaged in some master conspiracy to defame Luke Preece. That is why TBI can’t even get qualified candidates at Kuningan anymore. Unless her comments start having some factually correct basis and remove all abusive terms, she is now banned for good.

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