$40 Tax Paid on $70,000 Revenue (Screen Dump #17)

By the time Luke Preece got rid of Cam, TBI Kuningan was booming and revenue had reached $70,000 in a single month (it was soon revised to over $80,000 after Cam had questioned some dodgy accounting.) In this incredible screen dump, which we will analyze this evening, we see that TBI paid a measly $40 tax on $70,000 income, which amounts to 0.00057% tax! Reza told Cam that it might have been ‘adjusted’ later but I never believed it. Here is this incredible screen dump, proving how little TBI really cares about Indonesia. TBI is the ‘Gayus Tambunan’ of ESL schools it seems. Click on the screen dump to see the amazing figures. We are happy to forward the original email from October 2012 including the attachment to anybody who wants to see the full thing.


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