The TBI Circus (Kelapa Gading March-May 2012) (Part 2 of 5)

In this series we are examining how Nunu Pratama, the new School Manager of Kelapa Gading, managed to lose 35% of classes from the schedule in just 3 months. We will be showing you the teaching schedule at the end of May, which was provided to us by a disgruntled casual teacher. But before we reach that point, we want to see how Nunu, in  conjunction with TBI’s dysfunctional Head Office, managed such an astonishingly bad performance. 

Yesterday we looked at the crucial role of TBI’s disaster-prone Luke Preece. Preece had been bad-mouthing us to the owners despite a promise from Mariam Kartikatresni that she would ensure Luke did not interfere at Kelapa Gading if we moved there. Take note: Mariam is a liar whose written- we had it in writing Luke would not interfere. Furthermore, Preece had totally undermined Nunu from the start by sending him 2 expat teachers who had been lied to by Preece. After A*** and St**** left just, one and two weeks after they started, 5 expat teachers had quit from TBI Kelapa Gading within 2 weeks: Sean, Cam, Lipi, St***** and A*****! 

Now Luke, Ashley and Mariam clearly don’t have any idea about what makes a successful TBI Franchise school. Considering how I was manager in February 2012 when we made Rp 75.000.000 profit in a single month, let me explain a few things to these fools. 

1) Students can see. Students are not stupid.

When five different expats quit a school within 2 weeks, students will know there is chaos. They will not be impressed. There will be complaints. There will be rumors. People will leave. People will got to Wall Street and EF. It’s common sense.

2) People don’t like being lied to.

It is all very well to go around saying ‘Sean, Cam and Lipi were all fired’, and Lipi was fired for stripping (as the moronic Firlana said), but most people thought this was a very obvious and stupid lie and parents and students who liked us came to us via Facebook and we flatly contradicted the lies of the new management. Staff and students who are blatantly and obviously fed lies will lose confidence and leave.

3) Nunu lied he had a CELTA. Expats don’t like lying bosses.

Nunu and Firlana didn’t just lie about strippers and reasons for leaving either. Nunu Pratama lied about his credentials. Nunu had told me multiple times that he didn’t have a CELTA and he couldn’t afford the course. This, in conjunction with a shocking record of absenteeism (9 sick days in his first 3 months, using his entire allotment) were the reasons I hadn’t made him Head Teacher. I was shocked to hear that Nunu had boasted in a staff meeting a few weeks after we resigned that he did have a CELTA. People were suspicious of Nunu’s honesty within weeks of him starting and cross-checked the facts with me. Nunu lying that about his qualifications did not go down well and encouraged the undermining of morale within the school.

In short, the whole transition period was a typical TBI f***-up. With a barrage of lies and misinformation raining down on teachers, staff and students from Luke, Firlana and Nunu, people soon worked out they were being fed b***shit and left en masse. Who could blame them? The collapse of TBI Kelapa Gading (for the third time since it opened) was entirely predictable in the circumstances.

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