How Lying We Were Fired Suits Luke’s Agenda

Luke Preece has been telling people all year we were fired from TBI Kelapa Gading. As we have now proven beyond doubt, this was another one of Luke’s blatant lies. The school owner says in the screen dump: “Frankly speaking I regrets and missed that you are not with us and not longer manage TBI Kelapa Gading; you are good manager.”

This email from Pauwsan Sutanto, the franchise owner, came just 2 days after I resigned, and was in response to an email where I said I was just unable and unwilling to work for a man like Jaladin Japri, with his endless ‘account errors’. Luke Preece does nothing but distort and misrepresent words but I would like to see even him try to assert that Pauwsan Sutanto’s statement makes sense if we were fired. ‘I regrets…you are not with us’, does not make any sense if he fired us. I will do more screen dumps where I gave notice of my intention to resign all through the previous week too. Also note that in Rod ( a casual teacher’s) email from the following day he says that Nunu, the school manager, told him 3 teachers had left. Not fired. Left. Not even Nunu was saying we had been fired. That we were fired is a complete lie which is contradicted flatly by the documentary evidence.

So why did Luke lie about this? In one sense the answer is obvious: he always lies about everything. He is a pathological liar. He lied to people inside TBI that our printed emails were doctored or written up by us. Now we have put  them on the screen to show they are real. He lied that he was trying to protect Matthew France and other teachers, while he was snitching on them and lobbying Mariam to stick the knife into France and make him get fired without a bonus. He back-stabs everyone behind their back. You don’t have to take our word: read his own nasty, snitchy, back-stabbing emails, posted as screen dumps, yesterday. 

But why did Luke Preece tell this particular lie? Why did he lie that we were fired from TBI Kelapa Gading,- something Lizzie, Cam and I have always denied- and something that not even the new , ahem, school manager, Nunu, or the owner, Pauwsan Sutanto, claim happened? Why did he say Pauwsan had fired us when Pauwsan was praising my management skills and saying he regretted that I had left?

The answer that makes sense to us is because of the distorted narrative he was trying to spin. Seam, Cam and Lizzie- they never had any morals. They were just angry they got fired and lashed out in anger he was saying. Luke always runs everyone down all the time with lies about them. In a few short lines he managed to call Colm and Matthew ‘an idiot’, ‘a clown’ and ‘a little school girl running to me every 5 minutes’. Mind you, these are in work emails! Luke Preece always attacks people’s characters as a way of undermining them. He has actually, like many a sociopath before him, taken over a company by engaging in nothing but character assassination against his colleagues. He did it to HR with Matthew and Colm. He lied about us in order to misrepresent the background events to this blog and misrepresent our motivations. 

He wanted to discredit us, so people wouldn’t have to accept how vile he really was. Sadly, he is every bit the ruthless and dishonest rogue we have described. His hanging on in TBI only by virtue of Mariam’s support.

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