Luke Preece Stooge, Niah, Fired

In the latest of a remarkable series of ongoing events from TBI Malang, Luke Preece’s mata (spy, mole, plant) has been fired by TBI’s Joint Venture (JV) partner in the city. Niah has been ordered out of the building and told not to come back.

Niah had been moved to TBI Malang by Luke Preece himself, just as Preece had moved other moles- Matthew France and Minerva Soe- to TBI Kuningan at one point. When TBI Malang was subject to a robbery in September 2010, Niah had got on the phone to Luke Preece and told him all about it in Cam’s presence. Apparently Luke Preece had decided that because the school manager had waited several hours before reporting the break-in, the SM must have been the mastermind of the robbery himself! This wild and unsupported allegation was then forwarded to Mariam Kartikatresni; even she was wise enough to see that Luke’s allegations were baseless and no action was taken.

The following year we learned that when Luke Preece had gone to Malang he had only met the SM for a few minutes and then said he was going to go out hiking. He had turned up at the school in casual attire. The SM had been under the impression that Luke was in Malang on holidays and didn’t know he was in an official capacity.

However Luke Preece did meet somebody in Malang. He met Niah and some of the student assistants outside school hours and encouraged them to provide him with ‘dirt’ that could get the SM in trouble. It seems that Niah’s real role at TBI Malang was to assist in getting the school manager fired, and she had obliged by constantly compiling petty complaints against him. (Again, echoes of Matthew France. Luke Preece has clearly been honing these manipulative ‘skills’ for a long while.) Niah jumped over her boss, the school manager, spying for Luke and making defamatory accusations which would help Preece get an enemy fired. However, as Luke Preece keeps finding out, you can’t keep secrets hidden forever and a source leaked news of the secret meetings.

But now the whole strategy has backfired and TBI’s joint venture (JV) partner believed the SM over Luke; sick of TBI and Luke’s unprofessional power games, the JV partner has pulled the rug out from beneath TBI. They have ordered TBI out of the building. TBI Malang, according to our source, is no more. The JV partner, having uncovered Niah’s role as a Luke stooge and spy, has fired her. Niah, the Matthew France of Malang, has been sent packing.

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