JV Partner to TBI: Get Lost

Today we bring you some remarkable reports from Malang. We have been informed by a highly-placed source that the joint venture partner of TBI has broken the contract with TBI. The joint venture partner has decided to break its association with TBI Malang. It seems that TBI has been booted out of its own premises TBI Malang and the joint venture partner has taken exclusive control of the school!

We are unaware at this stage whether TBI will pursue any legal action but considering how much they have feared courts and government authorities in the past, it seems very unlikely that they will pursue legal action against the JV partner.

You will be aware that Luke Preece has long been engaged in attempts to get the sitting school manager fired. Our contacts in Malang and Jakarta have long told us that Preece tried- in September 2010- to get this school manager fired by making scandalous claims that the SM was the mastermind of a robbery at his own school. The background information about the robbery at TBI Malang had been forwarded to Luke Preece by his hand-picked mole, Niah. Niah had been moved from Bandung to Malang personally by Preece, and then she had begun spying for Luke and organizing secret meetings organized at whipping up resistance to the SM, one of Preece’s innumerable enemies. Niah, it appears, was the Matthew France and Minnie of TBI Malang.

It seems however that Luke’s strategy of using minions, moles and defamation to try and undermine the sitting school manager has now spectacularly backfired. Disgusted with the TBI circus, their JV partner has now terminated its contract with TBI and ordered The British Insitiute off the premises. It seems that TBI Malang is no more. We will bring you much more on this extraordinary breaking story in the coming days.

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