Interview #47: What Mariezka Thought of Ashley Platts

What else did you discuss in your three hour telephone marathon with Mariezka, the former school manager of Depok?

Apart from the way Luke Preece had rigged Scott Martins’s appointment at TBI Jawa (now TBI Riau) in April 2010, we discussed Ashley Platts.

Good old Ashley! What did Mariezka have to say about Ashley Platts?

Mariezka had been forced to attend Platts’s infamous training sessions in the, ahem, TBI Business System. By the time poor Mariezka had had to undergo the ordeal of death by power-point, Ashley’s course had been extended to four weeks’ duration. I think it was you who told me that the reason it had been extended was because so many of Ashley’s graduates kept failing or resigning once they were in the role.

Yes, the idea was that these poor souls just hadn’t had enough training yet. It wasn’t Ashley’s training that was at fault, it was the fact that there wasn’t enough of it. It’s all very logical, isn’t it?

Do I detect a note of sarcasm? I mean it’s like believing that eating McDonald’s is good for you, but then the customers keep getting sick and unhealthy, so you decide that the problem must be they haven’t eaten enough McDonald’s yet: they just need a few more Big Macs and XL-French Fries to fix them up. It’s just a total farce. Predictably enough, the more people have to endure of Ashley Platts, the more clueless they seem to be as managers.

Jokes aside, I swear that she described Ashley Platt’s four weeks of training as “the biggest waste of time in her life”. I was somewhat surprised by her vehemence. She had nothing but contempt for the whole ‘Ashley Platts as business consultant’ circus.

Could it have been her fault somehow?

I have met known at least three people besides myself who have been through this training and none of them lasted longer than a few months in the role. Mariezka, Helmy and a former manager of TBI Cibubur- one of the two they burnt through in their first year open. The problem is with Ashley Platts, who is a plagiarist. The whole lot of the training I sat through was a cut and paste job from well-known books on KPIs and the GROW Model. Being a business consultant does not mean downloading an e-book, doing a cut and paste job on power point slides and saying, “Done. I’m a business consultant!’

His lack of creative input into the entire show, and it really is a circus, is very evident. He presents the material in a wooden manner, which shows he has no attachment to it. Real academics or experts are usually enthusiastic about their work. He is totally mechanical and very superficial in the way he deals with it. He is doing little more than looking at the slides and re-reading them to you most of the time. It is clearly Platts who is at fault.

There was talk of scrapping the sessions in late 2011 as so many of Platts’s graduates had failed in the role.

Graduates is a very kind word. His sessions are full of teacher talk time and he just rambles on and on and is not interested in other people’s ideas or input. You merely endure an Ashley Platts session. No deep learning is taking place.

Why do you think people like Mariezka don’t speak up more?

Mariezka knew what TBI was like almost 2 years before I worked it out. Actually, I think a lot of Indonesians know but the ones who know TBI is a scam have either left or decided to put up with it and tone down their expectations.

Mariezka had complained about Scott Martin’s rigged appointment in 2010. Like you when you were rolled by Luke Preece, she got nowhere. Tuti has no independence; she is a puppet of Mariam. Mariam always backs up Luke, no matter how big his crimes, and what he pulled with throwing away Mariezka’s CV so Scott could get that job is grossly corrupt. But as Mariezka told me: Head Office backs up Luke Preece whatever he does. Mariam protects him every time. They have learnt from bitter experience that there is no justice for victims of Luke Preece.

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