Recent Living In Indo Discussion of TBI Shenanigans

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With a KITAS, yes you do, but with a business visa you can leave whenever you want. That’s the point I was making – as they can’t get proper work visas for non-English degree holders, they may deem it too risky to pay upfront for someone’s CELTA when, theoretically, the teacher can up and leave whenever they want. The poster on here the other week who was offered the “sponsored” CELTA had an English degree; I’m not so sure they’d go to such lengths for someone who they can’t get a work visa for. Then again, maybe they do, that’s something prospective employees would need to find out for themselves.

Incidentally, I believe the bonuses are now incorporated into the monthly salaries (no idea why) for the people on business visas so they don’t even have that carrot to dangle.

Ahh ok didn’t know that about business visas. Every day’s a school day 🙂 .

Up until recently, my friend worked for TBI and the bonus was paid as a lump sum after 6 months whilst he was on a business visa. Maybe different companies operate in different ways but putting it into the monthly salary seems very odd as i’m sure employers do it (generally) to retain teachers.

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