How Luke Preece Rolls (December 2012)

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Maybe they do Bandong, but the danger (for TBI) is that people get the CELTA and then leave, which they theoretically could do as they’re only on business visas.

Nonetheless, you’re right that it’s worth checking out – it never hurts to ask!

TBI do offer mid term (5jt) and end of term (10jt) bonuses designed, I assume, to keep their teachers for a year. Teachers used to sign 12 month contracts which was a bit of joke really particularly if the contract states the employer will provide all the necessary legal documentation. I’m not sure now though. Furthermore, you can’t just up and leave because you need an exit permit signed off by the employer who would just withhold the final months salary, to cover the cost of the CELTA, if the teacher made the request.

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