The End of TBI Expat Managers: Part 3 of 4

This blog post is from June 2012 and in it we showed how the cowardly Ashley Platts had tried to get the remaining Franchise school expat managers, myself and RD, fired in 2011. This charlatan, Ashley Platts, caused three expat teachers to leave in 2007 in disgust at his decision to appoint Chris Needham as Academic Team Leader and then School manager (and Needham was eventually demoted and ‘removed’ from all 3 positions Platts appointed him to) but somehow Jakarta’s worst ESL ‘talent’ scout has been kept on as an ‘expert’ despite his record of failure and blunders. (He is Mariam’s confidante and bosom buddy.)

We would like to make a couple of points about Platts’s role of chief back-stabber of TBI expats (and believe me he is held in contempt by many Indonesian and expat managers within the company). First, our version of events matches the facts perfectly and the Preece-Platts denials are pure bunkum, nonsense, rubbish.

Our version is that Ashley Platts became TBI’s main ‘business consultant’ in 2007 and at this point he talked Ning Anhar, the Director of USG, into accepting that all expat managers should be replaced by Indonesians. The rationale? Indonesian managers are cheaper and Ning Anhar could pocket more money. We are not being crass here. Saving money was the sole rationale anyone ever heard from Platts.

In contrast, the Platts-Preece version is that the authors of this blog are delusional and crazy and ‘have a vendetta’ and no policy to remove other expats  even existed. In short, they deny that TBI is now a ‘no expats besides Platts and Preece’ kind of company. So we have two competing versions of reality here. The one propounded by this blog and the total denial theory of Preece-Platts. Let’s look at Luke Preece’s mortal enemy -the truth- and see what it has to say.

If you look at the table we posted yesterday, you will see that before 2007 (when Ashley moved to Head Office) even new franchise schools had expat managers. Both the earliest franchise schools- Bogor and Kelapa Gading- opened under expat management and had expat managers until recently: 2011 and 2012 respectively. In sharp contrast, you will find that all eight franchise schools opened between 2008 and 2011 (sold by Retty Setiawan, a close associate of Ashley Platts) had Indonesian managers.

You see then that our version of the truth, argued as far back as early 2012, fits the facts. Something changed around 2007-2008 and TBI stopped opening new schools with expat managers. This date matches exactly with the time when Ashley Platts moved to Head Office and started having a lot of input in policy.

So what about the Preece-Platts “it isn’t even true” theory? Well, this pair would have you believe that it is just ‘a coincidence’ that after 2008 the next 8 TBI schools all had Indonesian managers. There was no policy behind this 8 out of 8 pattern. I suppose, mathematically, there’s about a 1 in 256 chance this could be true, but there’s a 99.5% chance we are right based on those stats. You decide who you believe. TBI now has 16 out of 17 schools managed by Indonesians and the last expat school manager- Scott Martin- has been Luke Preece’s closest friend for 30 years. Basically, they are insulting everyone’s intelligence by denying that this whole pattern was not a deliberate attempt to gain control of TBI. Their little gang has taken over TBI, kicking everyone else out, and then blamed the victims. Tomorrow, we will complete this investigation into the ‘hijacking of TBI by Mariam-Ashley-Luke’ and ask what this means for your future with this rogue ESL company.

Scott Martin: Last 'living' expat school manager?

Scott Martin: Last ‘living’ expat school manager

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