Informasi Lembaga Kursus

A new resource has recently become available for people wanting to research language schools in Indonesia. It is the Informasi Lembaga Kursus website, which lists thousands of new language and educational academies of all stripes and has some data about them. The goal of this new website is clearly to make the burgeoning private educational sector in Indonesia a little less murky and a little more accountable.

How effective this initiative proves to be is open to question. However, considering the abuses with happened at TBI Sun City (Bekasi) includsing death threats against teachers and rampant sexual harrasment of students and staff by the school manager, surely a little sunlight isn’t a bad thing. Teachers, staff or customers who experience abusive or dangerous conduct from a rogue school like TBI Bekasi will now find it easier to have someone to report the abuses to. This may give them another bargainign chip in negotiating with the roguish Binsars and Lukes of the industry- especially when they are betrayed by the Mariams and Ashleys of the industry, who fail to hold unscrupulous individuals to account.

For example the website contains the following information about the owner of TBI Semarang. They may seem to be privacy concerns here but as the information is already on the website, we are not the ones to have breeched the privacy of this individual. Indeed, we would be keen to speak with Mr Budi Haryo and ask him why he allegedly lied to the former teacher L******, who worked at TBI Semarang for a whole year without being given the promised KITAS.
Here is the link to infotrmation page about Pak Haryo, the ‘pengelola’ (administrator / manager) of TBI Semarang.

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