The Hate Blog Is from MM: Mr Incognito

Funny that that blog closed down the second you asked MM if he was behind it. By the way I’m neither Colm, Matt or Luke. You trusted Minerva, you trusted Kamelia and now you’re trusting Maloney.

A fascinating little post this one. Once again someone who won’t tell us their name and is hiding behind a Paypal account implies that the hate blog has come from former TBI teacher, MM. Three quick points on this one.

Firstly, why is the writer hiding? Don’t they know it just increases the sense of shadiness which now envelops The British Institute like a pea-soup fog?

Secondly, why does it matter which TBI hate-monger wrote it? We accept MM’s denial of responsibility until we have reason to believe otherwise. Right now, our guess is that a combination of Colm, Matthew France, Craig, David and Luke wrote it. This ‘gang’ have been attacking this blog ever since we started to reveal the truth about TBI. But ultimately who cares? It’s such a bad-taste stinker and a flop that I can understand why no one wants to claim responsibility for that blog. It was never more than a shameless attempt to intimidate us into silence. Like most of Preece’s projects- it has failed dismally.

Finally and most importantly, they implicitly admit that Minerva was involved in the TBI Mafia all along. They seem to have forgotten that it was us who outed her as a Luke stooge (she was his lover’s room mate, he recruited her, coaxed her to come to Jakarta, promoted her in a rigged interview etc etc.) We were the ones who explained all of this and were called paranoids for pointing out that Luke and David staged Minerva’s appointment. Now, they are calling us fools for ever believing her in the first place! What the really should be remembering is that they were telling people she was innocent just few weeks ago. They are implicitly admitting that the disinformation clowns have been lying- again.

So Mr Incognito, know this: There is no shame in trusting people until they prove dishonest. If this is a crime, we are guilty. But we say there is a great deal wrong with being a Luke or Minerva who act in bad faith to deceive people.

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