TBI Hate Week: Right Out of 1984

This week at this blog we are deciding to ‘celebrate Hate Week’, with Luke Preece and Colm O’Mahony leading this Orwellian spectacle of hatred and vitriol.

Let’s start with Wikipedia and its description of ‘Hate Week’:

Hate Week is an event in George Orwell‘s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, designed to increase the hatred for the current enemy of the Party, as much as possible, whichever of the two opposing superstates that may be.

I would argue that Luke Preece, with evil glee, has been organizing TBI’s ‘celebration’ of Hate Week ever since we started to expose his reign of lies and deceit at TBI.

Colm O’Mahony has been one of the biggest propogators of hate. This degree-faking former TBI teacher has sent sick descriptions of Cam’s acne scars, manner of walking and general appearance and proudly boasted how much he hated him- as if hate were something to boast about. Instead, he has revealed nothing but his own vindictive nature. One wonders what world he lives in where boasting about how much you hate someone is respectable behavior. Look at his email where he calls his former manager a ‘prick’ or an even worse one where he says, “Die. Pathetic little man. Die.” In what world is this anything but an embarassment to the speaker?

Then, notoriously, we have had homophobic rants that are sickeningly juvenile, amounting to nothing but hate speech. For example, we have the debased display of comments like this, “S***** and C******, what a sad pair of cock-loving, ass-rimming poofters.” It astonishing to us that TBI has at no time sought to distance himself from the poisonous hatred flowing from people who openly claim to be TBI former or present teachers. If they tried this stuff in the European Union they could be culpable of Hate Speech.

And it isn’t only gays who have been exposed to their poisoned rhetoric. There is a strongly sexist anti-woman streak which runs through a lot of Luke Preece’s comments. When the former teacher Lipi condemned TBI management for their cyber-bullying, she was told (in a sickeningly misogynstic phrase) that she ‘smelt like bad periods’. You will not be surprised to learn that Preece used to delight in calling Wati, one of his former female report, as ‘a cunt’ or ‘that cunt’. This endless obsession with bodily functions, menstrual blood, semen and urine which runs through dozens of responses or attacks sent by TBI people close to Luke Preece is all part of a hateful, sick agenda to disparage anyone who questions his authority. So this week, we will be focusing on the hateful, sexist, homophobic rants of the TBI Bully Boys, exposing them for the cyber bullies that they are.

As George Orwell tells us, “The aggregate effect of Hate Week thus is to excite the populace to such a point that they “would unquestionably have torn [captured enemy soldiers] to pieces”  if given the opportunity.

Luke Preece and Matthew France have been trying to achieve this level of hatred against us since we exposed Preece with this blog. We have even been told that new recruits to TBI are told how crazy we are and not to believe a word we say. Lipi was a stripper, and we are psychotics. TBI Hate Week marches on: we urge you to give this rogue organization a wide berth.

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