Meet Lilies Agustine: Tante Gatel TBI

Tonight we offer you many examples of the poor judgment of Lilies Agustine, the woman who runs TBI Marketing. Having trawled through hundreds of her tweets, we have arrived at 3 conclusions. Firstly, her English is scandalously bad. Yes, these are tweets, but her writing is littered with embarrassing spelling mistakes, wrong tenses and tortured syntax. Read her tweets and they come across as garbled, at times almost illiterate. That she is running the Marketing Department of an ESL academy is a farce. She told us that she had been Luke Preece’s sexual partner in the past, and it is hard to imagine any other reason she is in the position. She is in over her head and Luke should be fired for his abuse of his authority in appointing her.

Secondly, she lacks all discretion. Is it really befitting a woman in her position to pepper her tweets with talk of ‘Fucking Friday’ and being sick of ‘relationSHITs’? These tweets are mixed up with marketing material from TBI. The impression she gives is of someone who has no idea of what is appropriate in what context. She is clearly unprofessional.

Finally, the whole thing comes across as scattered and embarrassingly immature. We dare anyone to read the whole flow of her thoughts and say that she sounds like someone who should be in charge of Marketing for a company with hundreds of employees. Read these mawkish tweets and you will quickly understand why TBI Marketing is often the butt of jokes within the chain.

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