Is Luke Preece Protecting Sex Offenders and Thieves?

Tonight we continue our investigation against Luke Preece’s bizarre blacklist. It appears that scandalously Luke Preece (according to information provided by a former TBI teacher) has been mixing former TBI teachers with known sex offenders, including an infamous pedophile, on the TBI blacklist. It is just incredible that he would degrade and denigrate TBI teachers in this way. People who criticized Luke or who had a bad record of absenteeism have been placed in the same category as some notorious child molestor with the surname Dickey. With true TBI weirdness, more than a dozen Indonesian women are also on this’child molestor screening’ list. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t believe that Jakarta has a serious problem with female sex offenders in schools?

Crazily enough, Luke Preece is himself  the supervisor of an alleged molester of young girls, Binsar of TBI Bekasi. Multiple sources have told us that Binsar Simorangkir was arrested (and later released) by police on allegations of sexual molestation of one of his students. This just underlines that the couple of true criminals are a red herring: the real purpose of Preece’s vindictive ‘black list’ is to make sure dozens and dozens of former TBI teachers (who dared to challenge his enormous ego) are never again hired by TBI. Ugh.  


As we’ve said, at least fifteen of these teachers on the blacklist are Indonesian women. We just don’t believe that these women are known child molesters or sex offenders. So it seems that Ashley Platts and Luke Preece have made a TBI blacklist where a few infamous pedophiles have been listed in the same ‘black’ category as female Indonesian teachers and a former TBI Setiabudi School manager whose main sin seems to be annoying Ashley Platts (or allegedly smoking a joint on the roof of TBI).


This list deems these poor teachers (who probably did no more than annoy Platts or Preece) were equally as bad as some evil sex offender jailed for decades in Thailand! These Indonesian women who Ashley Platts didn’t like are listed with known felons and then Preece and Platts’s list has been distributed to school managers without any explanation as to why people are on there.

How many of these people are really threats to children and how many are just people like SB who Ashley Platts rolled in some schoolroom coup and then deemed an enemy? Can they prove that a single one of the 20 women on the list has ever been charged with a criminal offense? We sincerely doubt it.

Then there is the odd matter of Luke Preece’s own casual attitude to sex offenders and pedophiles. We have repeatedly heard that one of the people he is supposed to supervise, Binsar Simorangkir, allegedly lurked outside the girls’ toilets and sexually harassed his student assistants. We have also heard that Binsar was arrested for allegations of child sexual abuse but that he was eventually released. Luke Preece is Binsar’s direct supervisor and Binsar has been sighted in the school as recently as last week. If Luke Preece really wants to protect Indonesian children, perhaps he ought to visit TBI Bekasi and keep on eye on Binsar. Luke allows an alleged sex offender to stalk the halls of a TBI school because Binsar is rich and well-connected. Really Luke Preece has failed to protect the safety of young girls in TBI Bekasi.

Then there is Ashley Platts who knew that the owner of TBI Semarang had alleged that Helmy had stolen Rp 75.000.000 from the marketing budget. Yet he did not report this fact to the owners of TBI Kelapa Gading when Retty recommended him for a new School Manager position. (Helmy was rumored to be a relative of Retty). Ashley Platts didn’t blacklist an alleged thief because a powerful woman was the thief’s relative.

Why are Binsar and Helmy not on any TBI black list? The reason is because the black list is a sham. It contains a few real threats and excludes a few real threats. Luke Preece is tolerant of alleged sex offenders if they have connections at USG. The case of BInsar strongly suggest this. Rather than trying to blacken our names because we question why dozens of teachers are blacklisted by this sick man, he ought to look at TBI Bekasi and TBI Semarang. You will find there the proof that Luke Preece isn’t remotely concerned with a blacklist that has any real integrity.

Below is a picture of TBI’s controversial Business Manager, Luke Preece, and his best friend and alleged crony, Scott Martin (right).

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