International Language Center Is Now History. Amen.

As we have long been forecasting, International Language Center has now collapsed totally. Its last few branches have all closed; there are now no more ILC branches in existence.

The last one to close its doors was ILC Ciputra. As so often before, hundreds and hundreds of victims have been cheated out  millions and millions of rupiah. Many billions of rupiah have been stolen by the owners of this fraudulent business and their customers have found little assistance from Indonesia’s corruption-plagued police force.

Even when dozens and dozens of customers have reported fraud en masse, the police have refused to act, citing ‘lack of evidence’ and other weak excuses. In truth, we have long heard reports that Husein Lee and the other owners were bribing figures in the Manpower and Immigration Departments, which enabled them to operate their education scams with impunity.

It is interesting that we have been warned in advance that this would happen at the end of the month. The modus operandi was to get one month’s fee work out of the teachers and staff and then rip them off, just like Husein and his evil cronies ripped off so many hardworking Indonesians and their families.

There were once as many as nine ILC schools in existence, but these mismanaged schools generated appalling word of mouth and the flow of new customers soon dried up. The operators of this disgraceful company have now left behind thousands of victims in total.

The one comfort is that these people are now temporarily out of business, though people should be warned that WLA and Seven Languages are operated by the same set of crooks, including alleged serial rapist Werdy Kasim. These people belong nowhere near the education sector. It is a complete indictment on Indoneisan authorities that they have been complicit with these criminals.

People need to exercise extreme caution in selecting language training in Indonesia, as Mafia elements are very active in the industry and are utterly without conscience or remorse.



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