Surat Pembaca: TBI Semakin Kesulitan Keuangan

Hi Admin…Sekedar Update saja, saat ini TBI semakin kesulitan keuangan, semua dihemat, tunjangan – tunjangan dihapus, karyawan kontrak pun tidak ada kenaikan gaji. Saat ini keuangan TBI dikelola oleh orang yang tidak paham sama sekali mengenai Akunting maupun Finance yaitu si TM yang dulunya boneka Mariam. Bisa dibayangkan betapa semakin amburadulnya TBI saat ini. Semua School Manager saat ini terbilang baru yang range gajinya 11-13 juta saja, mungkin biar hemat , dan kebanyakan kondisi sekolahnya Loss hanya dua sekolah saja yang profit.

English Translation (With Idioms Used)

Hey Admin,

I will just give you a brief update. At the moment, TBI is experiencing more and more financial difficulties. Everything is subject to cost-cutting and penny-pinching and shifting money from here to there. Even contracted employees have been told that they won’t be getting rises this year. At the moment TBI Finance is controlled by someone who doesn’t have the foggiest idea about accounting or Finance- it is a former stooge (boneka) of Mariam.

The whole company has become more chaotic and disorganized to a surprising level. Even  school managers are now said to have a salary of 11-13 million rupiah ($850-$1000 per month), probably due to more cost-cutting. And almost all of TBI schools are running at a loss. They are only two which are profitable.





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