International Language Centre MOI Is ‘Mampus’

Today we have received notice that International Language Centre MOI (Mall of Indonesia) is now closed. Mampus. Bankrupt. Belly up.

All day we have been receiving Google searches about the closure / bankruptcy / fraud of ILC MOI. We also received a comment informing us that the school is now closed without giving notice to its customers. This massive fraud was orchestrated by con-artist Hussein Lee and follows school closures at a number of other premises of ILC. Interestingly, we had received a warning a few days ago that more ILC schools would go bankrupt at the end of this month, and ILC MOI confirmed this prediction smack on cue today.

We should also warn Indonesian readers that Seven Languages Academy, an ILC spin-off, is owned by the same con-artists who ran ILC into the ground. In fact, it is where a lot of the money stolen from ILC victims has been invested.

Victims of this ILC scam who go to the police can expect little help. In the previous case of Riswanda from Global Bahasa, who defrauded victims of billions of rupiah, the police released him, citing lack of evidence. More than 40 victims had submitted proof  of fraud, including receipts for courses that never occurred. Yet police released the perp, doubtless after receiving a nice kickback. It really is buyer beware with language schools in Indonesia.

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