Rumah Bahasa Kelapa Gading Disegelkan (Sealed)

We have received information that the final branch of Rumah Bahasa- the one at Lottemart Kelapa Gading– has now been sealed. Yes, that’s right, sealed. We have been warning people about this treacherous business for a long time, so no one should be taken completely surprised. Furthermore, all four of their other branches had closed during 2014, making this the last one standing. We had concluded it was only a matter of time before the final school closed, and that has now been borne out. There is no one going in or out of that school!

The obvious inference is that the last domino in the Rumah Bahasa chain has now toppled and Frendy Horas’s fraud-ridden language school chain is now no more. We will provide more details if they emerge, but it now looks as if Rumah Bahasa’s many remaining customers now have no hope of getting the courses that they paid for. We hope that police will conduct an investigation into Rumah Bahasa; clearly, this is a case of fraud on a huge scale, with scores and scores of people caught in the net of confidence trickster, Frendy Horas. But until now authorities have shown little interest in this case and Horas has operated with suspicious impunity.

Even if charges are never pressed, we can be thankful that this confidence trick of a school has now disappeared from the Indonesian language scene. People should go to trusted brands such as Wall Street, LIA or Direct English and not be easily lured again by the sweet promises of a con-man such as Horas who had no educational experience but was merely a fast talker.

One thought on “Rumah Bahasa Kelapa Gading Disegelkan (Sealed)

  1. Terakhir ini saya waktu itu masih kerja di Buana Bahasa Gading sampe Desember 2014. Denger2 sih katanya Ga bayar Maintenance dan Sewa 2 Bulan. Si Pengelolah Buana Bahasanya dan pass si Frendy take over begonya dia aja mau ambil lagi tanpa ngecek apa apa. Kalau masih ada coba aja tanya guru di sana Pak Edi ama Mba Miya

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