Doin’ the TBI Age Limit Backflip

There’s a new dance craze sweeping the TEFL world of Jakarta: it’s known by some as the TBI Flip Flop; others prefer to call it the TBI Knee-Jerk Reaction; but here on this blog, we call it the TBI Backflip, because every time someone points out how immoral, greedy and unprincipled they are on a public forum, they are ever so likely to abandon their current posture and do a complete back-flip overnight. Then if you ask them about their previous policy, they will pull a puzzled expression and deny that they the previous policy even existed.

Us, the glorious British Institute, employ foreign teachers illegally on VKU visas? Nooo…. You must be mistaking us for some other British Institute in Menara Kuningan, Jakarta, Indonesia.

What? You heard this information from a previous School manger of TBI Kuningan, the so-called flagship school of the whole chain? Well, don’t listen to him…he’s crazy. Crazy as a loon.

Why did we promote him 3 times and let him run our biggest school if he was so crazy? Um….that’s a tough one,..but we don’t actually admit that he did work for us or that we did promote him 3 times…Would you like to see us perform a backflip? It is quite a feat of acrobatic denial in action!

These dyed-in-the-wool liars have lately performed another somersault that would do a roadside monkey-circus proud. Until last week all their jobs ad specified a maximum age of 25 for front-desk applicants and 35 for management. Those requirements are still up there on their website as of tonight. (They rarely change the website. They don’t have the know-how and have to get outside help when they want to change it). But after we started blogging about their rampant age discrimination, a couple of weeks ago, they have thought better of how this makes them look and done a complete back-flip on their former policy. For the first time in years the new job ads make no mention at all of age. Once again the TBI Mafia have been shamed into acting as if they have a conscience! But the screenshots below tell the real story about this rogue company.

The new discrimination-free ad

The new discrimination-free ad

The bad old ways: age discrimination on the TBI website

The bad old ways: age discrimination on the TBI website

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